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Laser Treatment For Acne Scars- Exactly What Is It And How Does It Work?

A treatment known as laser treatment for acne scars mainly works through the use of assorted wavelengths and various levels of intensities which are dependent on your situation to contour that scar tissue that currently exists. The laser treatment for acne scars can also, in a significant manner, lower the adjoining red skin that takes place near acne lesions that have since healed.

A physician determines the kind of laser that he will utilize during the procedure which are based on the results that you and your physician are hoping to achieve. Your physician can eradicate tissue that is unwanted with a carbon dioxide laser. Physicians have noted that for some individuals a single laser treatment for acne scars is all that is needed to accomplish the sought after effects.

Resurfacing Using Ablative Lasers

The utilization of what is known as an Ablative laser induces the elimination of the outermost layers of your skin as well as scar tissue that is undesirable is burned off and this subsequent action makes the dermal collagen to tighten up which assists in lowering a scars visibility.

The most typical kinds of lasers that are utilized for laser resurfacing are what are called erbium lasers and ultra pulsed carbon dioxide lasers. This kind of laser treatment for acne scars causes exposure of skin that is unprotected so using the appropriate skin wound care must be utilized and you need to be checking frequently for the possibility of infections. The skin may actually remain red for roughly one year even though the redness will have a tendency to fade after several months after an individual has had laser treatment for acne scars.

Non-Abrasive Lasers

These types of lasers create alterations to the dermis and will not do harm to the epidermis in the process of the procedure. A laser that is named smooth beam centers on and heats up thes sebaceous gland which assists an individual in lowering the quantity of sebum and acne that is subsequently formed. This type of procedure heats up the collagen which accomplishes the objective of tightening the dermis which results in scarring that is less visible.

What is typically done is your doctor will administer an anesthetic before the laser surgery and the skin surface temperature is lowered which assists in precluding the epidermis from becoming harmed from the laser. The patient may feel some possible stinging while having the procedure however the anesthetic assists the patient to cope with the stinging sensation.

The length of time it takes for the procedure is dependent on the quantity of scars involved that the physician needs to work on. Generally speaking the procedure takes a little over an hour. Typically, three laser sessions within a period of a month is necessary.

There are some physicians who choose to utilize what is known as the N-Lite which is another type of non-abrasive laser. It's primary function is to stimulate the formation of collagen and typically the patient has to have three treatments to arrive at a satisfactory end result. There are various types of procedures that are available for addressing acne scars and utilizing laser treatment for acne scars is a one option that you may want to consider. Please consult your physician first.

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Educating Yourself About The Best Acne Treatment

The problem of acne can range anywhere from being simply mild and pretty much undetectable to so serious that it hurts a person's self-esteem as well as their self confidence and has the ability to be unbelievably damaging to a persons life generally speaking. Acne is a condition of the skin that is highly common, particularly in the demographic group of teenagers where it is primarily only temporary.

Acne is a type of condition that happens because of an overproduction of oil from the oil producing glands in the skin. This production of oil is typically not out of the ordinary and assists in helping to lubricate the skin yet when it becomes excessive it can end up in your pores becoming clogged and the result is what we know as pimples. Nodules or cysts might also materialize, and what these are is deeper types of pimples within the skin that are longer lasting and frequently even last for an individuals whole life.

Best Acne Treatments

In the case of treatment, there are some in particular that are thought to be the best acne treatment. There are actually an excessive quantity of acne fighting products on the open market nowadays that you can't even count them and the surprising thing is the majority of them don't even work, yet a few of these have been shown to be useful time and time again.

The initial one needing mention of the best acne treatment is Proactiv. This is one of the best acne treatments and also one of the better known. You will see celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Vanessa Fox campaigning on television as well as other venues and it certainly appears to be helping numerous individuals who were not capable of finding other effective acne solutions that work for them.

Proactive has been featured in many different media forums such as news stories, infomercials, magazines as well as newspaper articles. It is a 3 step acne fighting system that incorporates a renewing cleanser, repairing lotion, and a revitalizing toner.

A second one to mention of the best acne treatments out there is Accutane. This type of product is stronger to a much greater degree than Proactiv, yet it is still relatively safe for use by all ages. The largest problem with this particular type of product however is that there are numerous types of restrictions in regards to who cannot use it.

For instance women who are pregnant cannot use it, or women who are planning on becoming pregnant or even nursing. It has been demonstrated to result in defects at birth, cracked and dry lips and even dysfunction of the liver, and hence it is crucial to consult with your physician prior to beginning any treatment with it yourself.

Additionally, it is also very crucial to bear in mind that simply because an acne treatment is thought to be one of the best, this doesn't necessarily dictate that is it one of the best for you in particular. What you have to do is some basic trial and error to discover what is going to work best for your specific acne condition. Always check with your physician prior to any undergoing any treatment.

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Acne Light Treatment Presents Very Illuminating Results

A part of the reason for the majority of acne is that underneath a persons skin is a growing bacteria. Despite what you may have heard from your parents when you were younger, the cause of acne is not due to eating too much pizza or chocolate, although if you touch your face with oily hands you might end up blocking the pores where bacteria has the ability to grow and hide.

One treatment that tends to be effective for acne has to do with the destruction of bacteria and it had been discovered that an acne light treatment has the capability of producing fast results in breaking up the bacteria which is the cause of acne.

Even though benzoyl peroxide is well known and a recognized leader in the elimination of acne as well as being utilized in the majority of acne treatments, utilizing blue and red acne light treatment is proving to be very helpful for people suffering from acne.

Some individuals are unable to tolerate benzoyl peroxide, yet they don't have to continue to be the victim of outbreaks of acne, regardless of the reason. Whether the cause is because of changes that are hormonal, for instance teenagers with acne or that experienced by numerous women during their pregnancy, or due to some condition of the skin that creates excessive amounts of oil within their hair follicles, an acne light treatment has the ability to prevent blemishes from appearing.

For many years it has been recognized that normal sunlight is an effective treatment for many forms of acne and as the majority of occasional sufferers of acne realize they have a lot less blemishes when they spend extra time in the sun. Nevertheless, ending up with sunburn as well as the elevated risk of skin cancer precludes its continual use as an effective form of acne light treatment.

Utilizing Ultraviolet Light That Will Not Burn

Extensive research has demonstrated that utilizing ultraviolet light that is outside the spectrum known to damage a persons skin by burning, an effective lower risk path of acne light treatment is one way to go. The majority of the treatment is the blue light spectrum and the red light that has demonstrated it's ability to lower the quantity of bacteria in a persons pores by as much as 99.9 percent in just 3 days.

When a person ia considering the use of benzoyl peroxide, they find that they also have to use various facial washes as well as skin conditioner to balance any amount of dryness that happens through the use of this type of treatment. While the expense of acne light treatment devices are greater than the majority of over the counter treatment medications, if you factor in the expenses of the conditioners as well as the washes, they typically will end up being close to the same.

In addition, there is a very low instance of your skin getting damaged through the use of acne chemicals. The user also has less concern in regards to dry skin spots or rashes showing up at the point of application, compared to people who use benzoyl peroxide have experienced. The use of acne light treatment is showing to be a relatively effective as well as safe alternative.

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Friday, 29 August 2008

Top 4 Secret Tips To Be Acne Free And Reduce Further Pimple Breakouts

1. Eat A Healthy Diet

A diet rich in vegetables, low Glycemic Index carbohydrates and lean protein can go a long way to helping clear up your skin of pimple. It was once a point of debate whether diet could help clear up acne or if it was an old wives tale. However, recent studies done by researchers at RMIT University have shown that diet does indeed have a link to clearer skin and helps reduce any further acne breakouts.

2. Water, Water, Water

You hear it all the time – DRINK MORE WATER! It’s cliché, but it’s true. Water is not only good for your body, but also good for your skin. To help become acne free, it’s essential that you drink plenty of water. That means 6 to 8 glasses a day.

Why drink water? Because water helps the kidneys filter toxins from the body. The more hydrated the body is, the better the kidneys can do their job. Also, the skin helps in this purification process through perspiration. If the body is not properly hydrated, the pores can become clogged and whiteheads or blackheads (comedonal acne) can form. By drinking more water, the body can flush out better and is less likely to clog the skin.

3. Exercise

Exercise to become acne free or clear acne? Yep. It all goes back to removing toxins from your body. Exercise improves your circulation. Better circulation helps get those nasty toxins out of your body quicker, thus reducing the chance of buildup and clogging. Ideally, you should exercise five days a week for around a half hour. This will also help reduce stress, another common pimple trigger.

4. Your Daily Cleaning Routine Can Make A Difference

In the morning, you want to wash your face to remove any dead skin and built up oil that has accumulated from the night before. Next, make sure to apply a good quality toner and moisturizer. The toner should be alcohol free, so as not to dry out your skin. After this, you can now apply your makeup.

In the evening, remove your makeup with an oil-free makeup remover. After all of your makeup is off, you’ll want to rewash your face with a good quality cleanser that is oil-free and won’t block your pores. Make sure when you dry your face; you pat it dry and don’t rub it. Finally, apply a good quality moisturizer.

A couple of times a week, you’ll also want to use a good exfoliator. This will help remove the dead skin cells that bacteria feed off of to form whiteheads and blackheads.

With the proper routine, it isn’t hard to become acne free and prevent further acne breakouts. You just need to be consistent, use good quality products such as moisturizer, toner and exfoliator and follow these four tips to have clearer more beautiful skin free of pimple.

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Acne Counter Over Scar Treatment

Today, if you were to walk into any pharmacy, you will notice there are literally hundreds of acne counter over scar treatment products available.

Most acne scar treatment products are divided into 2 categories.

One are the chemical based products. These usually contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin redness and itching.

The other type are natural acne scar treatment products where the ingredients are made from plants and herbs.

So which type of acne scar product is better?

It's difficult to day which is better since each person's acne and skin condition is different. However, chemical based products tend to produce better results in the short term but they can be rash on the skin causing redness and irritation. It is not recommended to use them long term.

Natural based acne products are natural and have less side effects. However, it takes a longer time to see results.

If you are uncertain as to which acne over the counter scar treatment product works for you, the best advice I can give you is to consult your doctor or dermatologist first. You have a better chance of curing your acne with the advise of a doctor than you testing the products yourself.

However, if you really want to buy acne counter products yourself, you need to first determine the type of skin condition you have. Is your skin oily, dry or sensitive? Do you have allergies to certain chemicals?
Seek the help of the pharmacist. They will be better able to recommend you a acne counter over scar treatment product out of the hundreds of acne products in their store.

Personally, I prefer natural acne scar treatment products as they have less side effects and can be taken in the long term.

For the best acne scar treatment product, i recommend Zenmed Acne Scar Treatment Kit. Click here for the best acne scar treatment reviews.

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Best Acne Treatments - 3 Essential Things You Should Do Every Day When You Have Acne

Many of us that have to deal with acne on a regular basis are likely looking for natural ways to help handle the situation. The simple fact of the matter is, we did not develop acne overnight, and, obviously, we cannot expect for it to disappear overnight, either. A buildup of toxins in our body is often at the very core of our acne problem. And, in order to cure the problem totally, we're going to need to remove these toxins from our bodies. Without getting too radical with our treatment, there are three specific things that you should make sure you're doing on a daily basis in order to effectively deal with your problem.

First of all, you should make sure that you are getting plenty of rest. This is something that a lot of us have a difficult time accomplishing, either because we have a problem sleeping at night, or because our lives are so busy that rest is just not an option. If you really want to deal with your acne problem and face it head on, you need to find time to rest adequately, and not make any excuses. Most of us need seven to eight hours of sleep every night, and we need to take time for ourselves in order to relax, or else we are never going to be able to get rid of our skin problems.

The next thing that you should be doing is, to eat a balanced diet. This is something that is very difficult for many of us, particularly considering the fact that we have a lifestyle that is not conducive to eating well. If you want to get rid of the problem skin that you are dealing with, however, you need to skip the fast food and sugary snacks, and eat some raw fruits and vegetables, instead. Try it for a week as a test, you'll be surprised with how much you begin to enjoy a daily salad or a bowl of fruit.

Finally, you need to make sure that you are getting plenty of water to drink. Acne is often a result of dehydration, so make sure that you are drinking plenty of pure water on a daily basis, and skip the sodas and sports drinks. Also, do this for a week, your skin will become noticeably clearer as your body begins to purify itself from the inside out.

Are you, or someone you know, suffering from the devastating physical and psychological effects of acne? Have you tried every possible chemical and pharmaceutical cure in order to rid yourself of this crippling condition? I did, and with little results!

My life was a complete disaster, until I discovered that I could treat this horrible condition, and heal myself, naturally. This condition robbed me of my self esteem, denied me any sort of social life, and scarred me inside and out without pity.

Imagine the miracle of discovering that you can live acne free, without potentially harmful drugs or experimental creams of any kind, by treating the source of your acne, not its symptoms. Anyone suffering needlessly from acne needs this life changing information now!

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The Effectivness Of Glycolic Acid On Acne

For people who have the skin condition acne, they feel like it is a sentence of pain. Many people who have ance feel disgusting with themselves; and it makes many feel insecure. Throughout the years, there have been many different products that have been created for the treatment of acne. Some have been very successful in the treatment of this problem, Glycolic Acid being one of them. This article will examine the overall use of glycolic acid, as it relates to the treatment of acne.

Glycolic acid is a popular alpha hydroxy acid and it has a reputation for being very effective for the reduction and treatment of acne and acne scars. A large majority of skin creams list this product as an active ingredient. Its effectiveness at destroying bacteria is what makes it so popular. It has been noted that using the acid over a consistent period of time has resulted in the reduction of comedones, papules, and pustules. There are very few side effects related to the use of the acid,

Acne is not the only thing that glycolic acid can aid. It is known to be very effective in treating acne scars. Disgusting looking dark or red blotches arise when the skin tissue is destroyed by pimples, this results in scars. There will be some amount of reduction in scarring if you use the acid. The use of glycolic acid products have led some people to announce that their scars have been removed completely. This is determined by the length of time it is used. 6 months to 1 year is the overall time to see results, yet some people claim to see benefits in 4 months.

Gels, lotions, face masks and scrubs are some of the many different types of forms you can get glycolic acid to treat acne. It should be noted that using glycolic acid can result in the skin being very sensitive. This means that it can be very easy for persons to get sun burned. Notes should be taked that if you do plan to go out in the sun, you should have a lot of sunscreen.

In concluding, Glycolic acid is very useful for the treatment of individuals who are afflicted from acne and acne scars. There are very little, if any, side effects associated with the use of alpha hydroxy acid. This means you can use it in higher concentrations. 6 months to 1 year is the typical time period that individuals who use the product should wait before they start to see results.

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Acne Pimple Home Remedies - A Review

Acne is a malady that affects the skin. This ailment provokes the skin to produce cysts that are called by by different names according to their characteristics, such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, cysts, scars and lesions. This is a problem of mostly teens and young adults. Acne appears mostly on the face, neck, back and chest of many teens and young adults.

Individuals seek out acne pimple home remedies according to the degree of distress the acne creates in a person. The search for home remedies comes up to lessen or get rid of the acne outbreak and to stop scarring of the skin arising from severe acne. The use of benzoyl peroxide lotions in acne remedies aids in practical healing and inhibiting of new acne outbreaks. Most Americans and people worldwide have had acne at some time in their life. For difficult acne, prescription medicines can also be used. The use of prescription medicines can supplement home remedies, so that acne can be eliminated easily and quickly.

Home pimple remedies are better for curing acne. Some of the remedies involve orange, garlic, and cucumber. orange peel paste, when rubbed on on the acne area, assists in alleviating pimples. A paste made of of fenugreek is known as an acne cure. If you eat lots of fruits and vegetables and consume at least one quart of water daily, this is also considered to be a home remedy to cure acne. Acne pimple home remedies do not have any side affects (if you don't have any allergies to particular fruits and vegetables.

Natural treatment and allopathic treatment are both accessible as acne treatments. Allopathic treatment for acne involves over-the-counter products that are advised to be used for 4 to 6 weeks. Turmeric is another home remedy for acne. Turmeric contains anti bacterial properties. In history, turmeric was widely used by a majority, because it is considered to have a lot of medicinal value. Eastern cultures discovered that rooibos tea helps to sooth acne, that is also one of the many acne pimple home remedies.

For more detailed information on acne pimple home remedies, try visiting, a popular acne website that offers tips, advice and resources including information on acne remedies and acne myths. You can also sign up to receive a free acne care newsletter.

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Tips About Homemade Acne Treatments

Do you have an acne problem? You do not have to consider it necessarily a problem. There are more things that are more important and you should not let acne bother you so much to the point that change your way of life and your mood. Well, another point that we should consider is how to treat acne. When we talk about treatment, money is important. Of course, this means that you need a certain amount of money for such treatment.

Well, when you don't have enough money, you can still try very good homemade acne treatments. These remedies may very well help you control acne without having to make an enormous expense. However, you may have doubts on how safe these homemade treatments are. Yes, there are remedies that are very safe, and most are. These remedies, besides helping you control your problem safely; they help you in not being worried or stressed about making a big expense which in turn would cause your problem get worse.

These treatments should be considered because they are definitively proven. They are really effective and of course, they are made in the comfort of your home. However, take into account that these homemade acne treatments are focused on light acne problems. Therefore, if your problem is more serious, you should seek help from a professional.

First, if the constant washing does not help much on your problem, then it's time to use Benzoyl peroxide. This medication can be found in several products, from soaps to creams. The main recommendation is that you should not overuse this chemical as it might leave your skin too dry or irritated.

One thing you should notice when they apply a homemade remedy, is that the results are slow. But you must have a lot of patience. The results you'd like to get can be appreciated in a couple of weeks. And remember that you must always be careful when using this medication because if you use it too much it can worsen your problem or leave your skin very affected.

Probably you have heard of salicylic acid. It is another substance that you can use and which is normally found in facial pads and facial washes. This remedy can be very effective for unclog your pores and prevent the growth of pimples and of course the classic appearance of acne. Alike, you must be careful when using this product and do so moderately.

As you see, Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are two widely used treatments and can be very effective in cases of light acne. All you have to take into account is that you should use it moderately.

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The Activation Cycle Of Acne Outbreaks

The first changes, the skin goes through, during the activation cycle of acne outbreaks are excess amounts of sebum that the sebaceous glands release. An excess production of sebum can be due to hormonal changes and stress, among other factors. Mid-back, chest, forehead, nose and chin are where larger amounts of sebaceous glands are found which can explain why these areas are more affected by skin problems.

Sebaceous glands are located deep within the skin. Each follicle connects to a sebaceous gland that contains a tiny hair. An oily substance called sebum is released by the sebaceous glands, and its purpose is to lubricate the follicle and the surrounding skin. These glands are found virtually in every part of the body.

Hormones (specifically androgen hormones) stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce sebum. In both sexes, androgens are also produced by the adrenal glands. Hormonal changes during puberty and stressful situations cause the adrenal glands to release an excess amount of hormones causing an enlargement of the oil glands.

Sebum and dead skin cells can accumulate in the follicle causing it to clog. Whiteheads and blackheads are the most common comedones and are generally caused due to the build-up of oil and dead skin cells.

Propionibacterium acnes are microbes that are a part of the dermis' biological defense mechanism. The purpose is to keep other harmful bacteria away. The blockage of the follicle by sebum and dead skin cells traps P. acnes within the pore. The bacteria can breed inside the blocked follicle and change its chemical structure causing irritation and inflammation of the dermis.

The effects of acne blemishes

The consequences of acne outbreaks can lead to red, puffy, sensitive or even itchy skin.

Acne vulgaris is the most common type of acne. It can occur in different stages. Mild acne is characterized by the most common types of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads).

More severe cases are usually identified by big painful masses under the skin. These masses are called cysts or nodules and are the most usual types of severe acne. The rupture of nodules and cysts can create big openings that can lead to acne scarring.

Light, intermediate and severe acne can have an impact on your dermis. Individuals that suffer from acne tend to pick at the infected areas not knowing that this can trigger more skin blemishes.

Irritation and inflammation can be due to self inflicted scratching and picking which patients are not aware of. Smooth, supple and blemish-free surfaces are attained by the proper care and attention to your skin.

By: Grant Ferns

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A Natural Acne Remedy Using Radishes & Radish Seeds

The common garden radish, and in particular, their seeds, contains a bleaching agent making it a wonderful natural acne remedy by helping to remove blackheads and freckles.

Making a Radish Seed Cleansing Paste

You can buy radish seeds at any garden centre. Grind up one or two spoonfulls of radish seeds using and mortar and pestle until they form a fine powder. Very slowly add water to the powder in order to make a paste. Add just one or two drops at a time until the mixture reaches a thick, smooth consistency.

Any unused mixture can be stored in an airtight container in a refrigerator.

Treating Acne With the Radish Paste

This radish seed paste can be used as a natural acne remedy in one of two ways. You can use it either as a mask or as a cleansing wash.

To use it as a mask use the paste as it is or perhaps mixed with one or two more drops of water. You should be able to spread it evenly over the face. Spread in an even layer over the affected areas and allow to dry.

Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes or as long as you like. This radish seed paste is quite mild so you can leave it overnight if you wish. However, don't use the mask more than twice a week.

To remove the mask, moisten the face with warm water and gently wash away with a clean cloth.

An alternative to the facial mask is to use the paste as a daily facial wash. For this to be effective, add a little more water to the paste so that the consistency becomes a little looser.

Wash the face with water to remove any surface dirt before use and then gently rub a small amount of the paste over the face. There is no need to leave this on - just wash thoroughly and then rinse well with warm water.

Using The White of The Radish

Another way of using radishes as a natural acne remedy is to use the white of the radish itself. Peel the radish and then grate it, and beat the grated radish into a pulp. Use this as a facial mask as above but make sure you use it right away and throw away any unused mixture. This treatment is particularly effective for fairer skin.

By: Belinda Marshall

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Acne Causing Foods And Foods That Help Cure Acne

The foods that you eat can be a contributing factor in acne flare-ups. Knowing which foods to avoid will help. Conversely, knowing which foods are good for you will also help you avoid acne.

Scientists have created endorphin-like substances from the proteins in wheat, milk, barley and corn and have shown that they are associated to the body's endorphins sites. If you think that it happens to you, then think of that food which you can't resist. You may be sensitive to that food. When you stop eating them, you may not feel well for a few days before feeling better.

It is important to know that food sensitivities are not the main cause of skin problems, but they could be making your skin worse.

You can determine which food allergies you have with the help of a nutritionist or other health practitioner or try the recommendation below.
There are many reasons behind food sensitivities; lack of digestive enzymes, leaky gut, frequent intake of gut irritants (such as chemicals, coffee and alcohol), lowered immunity or an over-proliferation of 'bad' bacteria in the gut.

It is necessary to find out which food is the culprit. Once you find out which food is causing you problems, then you can eliminate them or deal with the consequences from the suspect food.

The suspected food should be eliminated for at least two weeks. From the following list, avoid one food at a time:

Wheat products: like bread, most cereals, pasta, pizza, biscuits, muffins, cakes, pastries and pies

Diary products: like cheese, yoghurt or from age frais

Eggs and egg containing products

Cheese, yoghurt or from age frais

High acid fruit, orange juice, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

Processed foods which contains preservatives, coloring and artificial flavoring

When you avoid above food or food group, observe your skin condition. After two weeks, reintroduce that food and monitor your skin condition. If you feel that your skin is negatively affected, then start avoiding that food, otherwise resume eating it. When you have finished with one food group then start the next food in the same way.

After avoiding all but basic foods for a month, re-introduce food one by one with five day gap before re-introducing next one. In this way you will find out that which food causes an allergic reaction. Charting your food as you reintroduce it into your diet is a good way to track which foods are causing reactions. The chart should contain the dates of starting to reintroduce new foods and when you began showing reactions.

If you begin showing a reaction to a particular food, then avoid that food for another six months. After six months re-test it by eating it again and monitor it again. During that avoidance time you should improve your digestive and immune system to minimize the chances of being sensitive to such foods.

Food that should be included in your diet:

Vegetables except potatoes, tomatoes and sweet corn which are on the 'suspect' list

Fruits such as melons and cantaloupe

Rice, millet, buckwheat and quinoa

Oats, rye and barley (some people may be allergic to gluten)

Fresh meats and fish

Beans and lentils (soy may cause an allergic reaction in some people)

By: Melanie Vasseur

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Foods To Eat For Clear Skin - Low Reaction Acne Diet

An interesting fact associated with food sensitivities is that many people get addicted to the food that harms them. Most people say that they feel good and energized after taking that particular food. It is still unknown how they are linked together, but it is said that proteins, present in that food, may act in a similar way to the body's natural endorphins which results in less pain and give a natural high.

Scientists have created endorphin-like substances from the proteins in wheat, milk, barley and com and have shown that they are associated to the body's endorphins sites. If you think that it happens to you, then think of that food which you can't resist. You may be sensitive to that food. When you stop eating them, you will feel bad for a few days before feeling better.

It is important to know that food sensitivities are not the main cause of skin problems, but they could be making your skin worse.

You can determine which food allergies you have with the help of a nutritionist or other health practitioner or try the recommendation below.

There are many reasons behind food sensitivities; lack of digestive enzymes, leaky gut, frequent intake of gut irritants (such as chemicals, coffee and alcohol), lowered immunity or an over-proliferation of 'bad' bacteria in the gut.

Foods that should be eliminated:

It is necessary to find out which food is the culprit. Once you find out which food is causing you problems, then you can eliminate them or deal with the consequences from the suspect food.

The suspected food should be eliminated for at least two weeks. From the following list, avoid one food at a time.

Wheat products: like bread, most cereals, pasta, pizza, biscuits, muffins, cakes, pastries and pies

Diary products: like cheese, yoghurt or from age frais

Eggs and egg containing products

Cheese, yoghurt or from age frais

High acid fruit, orange juice, oranges, tangerines, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

Processed foods which contains preservatives, coloring and artificial flavoring

When you avoid above food or food group, observe your skin condition. After two weeks, reintroduce that food and monitor your skin condition. If you feel that your skin is negatively affected then start avoiding that food, otherwise resume eating it. When you have finished with one food group then start the next food in the same way.

After avoiding all but basic foods for a month, re-introduce food one by one with five day gap before re-introducing next one. In this way you will find out that which food causes an allergic reaction. Charting your food as you reintroduce it into your diet is a good way to track which foods are causing reactions. The chart should contain the dates of starting to reintroduce new foods and when you began showing reactions.

If you begin showing a reaction to a particular food, then avoid that food for another six months. After six months re-test it by eating it again and monitor it again. During that avoidance time you should improve your digestive and immune system to minimize the chances of being sensitive to such foods.

Food that should be included in your diet:

Vegetables except potatoes, tomatoes and sweet corn which are on the 'suspect' list

Fruits such as melons and cantaloupe

Rice, millet, buckwheat and quinoa

Oats, rye and barley (some people may be allergic to gluten)

Fresh meats and fish

Beans and lentils (soy may cause an allergic reaction in some people)

By: Melanie Vasseur

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Acne Triggers - How To Avoid Breakouts

Acne is a common skin disorder that can affect anyone. Whiteheads, blackheads, redness and pain are the most normal symptoms of this condition. What are some of the most common triggers and how can we prevent future pimple episodes?

Common Acne Triggers

Hormones: Our body goes through vast hormonal changes during puberty. However, hormones and zits can collide numerous times in a lifetime such as during menstrual cycles, menopause, pregnancy, stressful situations or just about any time they become unbalanced. This means that you can be affected by acne at any age. Hormonal changes provoke the over production of the oil sebum which can clog along with devitalized cells and end in breakouts.

Environmental Factors: Environmental factors also have an effect on our skin. Pollution, humidity and excessive sun exposure can all be factors that trigger acne episodes. Temperature or Climate changes can make the skin dry, boosting the over production of sebum.

Immoderate Inflammatory Responses: Uncontrolled bacteria damage our skin and cause our body to respond with immoderate inflammatory reactions. P. acnes are normal residents of the skin and these are normally harmless. However, when pores get obstructed with sebum and dead cells, P. acnes get 'stuck' within the pores. Bacteria start to grow inside the pores, altering the chemical balance of sebum, which end in redness, swelling and in a feverish sensation.

Tips to Prevent Acne

The first rule to control and keep zits away is to clean your face, but not more that twice a day. Over-washing can deprive the skin from essential lipids, encouraging an over-production of sebum. If you already have pimples on your skin, use a cleanser or a mild soap to prevent irritation.

Sauna treatments normally involve three 15 minute intervals in the sauna and 5 minutes outside after 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular activity (in order to get the blood circulating). The sauna heat aids to unblock the pores and clean the skin through sweat flow. It is essential to stay hydrated during the intervals.

A healthy diet packed with vitamins and minerals will supply the needed nutrients to your skin. You can also provide nutrients 'externally' by using natural acne lotions.

Dieting on juices, fruits and shifting to vegan for a period of 10 days, in addition to taking 8-12 glasses of water everyday, can be of great help. It is advised to have a multivitamin pill everyday to supply the body with the needed nutrients our system needs to remain healthy.

An acne problem can affect anyone, but there are some simple methods you can use to tackle this inflammatory condition. The ultimate acne solution is to wash your face not more that twice a day, starting with sauna treatments and maintaining a healthy diet filled with nutrients.

By: Danna Finnerand

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Why You Should Use Steam For Acne Problems

No matter how much research you have done or how many people you have talked to, it seems that you can never find an effect acne treatment program.

If you’re feeling a bit frustrated, trust me, you most definitely have reason to be. Finding a treatment for your acne can take time and research.

Finding a treatment for your acne will take time, even though there are so many different types of treatments. Finding a cure that works for you will require patience.

You have probably heard of things like…

- Washing your face with acne soap
- Drinking water
- Changing your diet
- Reducing the amount of stress in your life

If you want something that will fit into your acne regime, try out a steam room. As odd as it sounds, it works.

Steam is one of the best ways to help treat as well as prevent acne. If you haven’t tried it, you most definitely should.

Here are two reasons why:

1. Steam baths are able to enhance how much blood and oxygen is circulating throughout your body. This means that more oxygen and blood will go to the surface of your skin.

2. Steam is able to open up the pores in the skin to help get rid of any type of impurities that may exist. All this is done through sweating.

Basically, the steam room is a sweat bath. As silly as it sounds, it helps to clean your skin.

If you decide that you want to try out the steam room, you want to be able to soak up all of the benefits that it provides.

After sitting in the steam room, make sure that you shower right after you exit the room. You don’t want to sweat and then leave all of the sweat on your skin.

If you don’t shower, your skin will probably just reabsorb the toxins you sweated out.

This makes the whole steam room experience useless, doesn’t it?

If you’re on a set time limit or you don’t have enough time to shower, you should dry your skin when a clean towel and shower as soon as you can.

Be cautious!

Just like with any acne treatment, you want to take some precaution before you get deeply into it.

If you have an acne condition that is extreme, know that a steam room can aggravate your already existing acne.

If you are concerned, you can easily talk to your doctor or a skin expert and found out if steam baths are right for you. You don’t want to harm your skin!

Steam rooms and facials

When using steam treatment, you can choose just to do facial steaming, or you can choose to use a steam room.

Facial steams have proven to be very effective to help treat and prevent acne that occurs on the face.


When you think about it, steam rooms provide a bit more advantages. Instead of just cleansing the skin on your face, you can cleanse your whole body.

If you are able to have a steam bath 2 to 3 times a week, your body will be toxin free!

By: James Briggs

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Acne Skin Care For Men: Basically A Cleansing Process

Acne skin care for men is a process that should actually start before acne appears. It is must be a proactive process and not reactive. Acne skin care overall should be the awareness of preventive actions to such skin conditions. Therefore skin care for acne involves day to day skin caring and maintenance with sufficient discipline.

Men’s acne skin care is similar to that of women – it starts with cleansing. Face washing and cleansing during the mornings are the basic way of caring for your skin. But actually, it is not just about cleansing. Besides lukewarm water, you also need a mild, oil free and water soluble cleanser that will keep your face and neck really clean.

Indeed, cleansing is one of the most important acne skin care for men procedures. It takes away the dirt, grease and oil away from your skin; this effectively reduces the occurrence of acne on your skin. Men’s skin is oilier than women, and so certainly regular cleansing is a very important part of skin care for acne.

A lot of men experience having acne in many stages in their lives. And if you yourself now have them, do not in any way touch of squeeze your acne as doing so can mean permanent scars. Acne skin care means gentle and careful cleansing of the acne area with the use of an over-the-counter medication and clean cotton pad.

Actually, with the proliferation of many man and anti acne skin care in the market, men who are concerned about their acne, and skin in general, can avail of inexpensive over the counter skin care creams, gels and lotions. However, many of such non-prescription skin care products may not give you the desired effect and so it is best if you can go instead to a licensed skin doctor or dermatologist for the proper acne skin care and treatment advice and recommendation.

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Curing Acne Naturally - Effective Herbal Acne Treatments

Chances are, if you find yourself reading this article, you have suffered the feelings of embarassment, self-consciousness and insecurity an acne breakout can bring on in what seems like the blink of an eye. Suddenly, you find yourself checking the mirror every hour on the hour, hoping the blemishes on your face have spontaneously cleared and you can breathe a sigh of relief. You feel sure that everyone you come in contact with is zooming in on each and every blemish, and why wouldn't they be? It's certainly the first thing YOU see when you look in the mirror!

Now, imagine you experience this exact scenario every day of your life, as many men and women do who suffer chronic adult acne, far beyond the "acne prone" years of adolescence. The fact is, acne remains a very real and persistent problem in today's society for men and women, teenagers and adults, and instead of going away or getting better, it seems to be more prominent and more severe than ever. What this can be attributed to is the subject of much debate in the medical and dermatological community. Higher stress levels? More hormones and synthetic chemicals in our foods? Genes? Changing diets? It's anyone's guess, but the fact remains that acne is a very real cause for emotional distress, self-consciousness and insecurity for many, and it shows no signs of getting better.

With the advent of modern dermatology and medical science, there have been some excellent new products that combine modern science and nature to form a hybrid product superior to many of it's prescription counterparts, and highly effective for many who have found that traditional treatments failed them in the long run. The aim of these products is to facilitate hormonal balance, therefore targeting acne at the source, from the inside, rather than the outside alone.

These herbal acne medicines have proven highly effective in combatting acne by "cleansing" the skin from the inside, getting to the source of the problem by balancing the natural testosterone and estrogen found within the male and female body. Excess testosterone and excess estrogen are the primary causes of acne, hence the most common years for acne breakouts are the teenage years of hormonal turmoil.

Natural acne products can actually clear the skin for good, only requiring occasional follow up treatments, whereas conventional methods can require constant treatment, and the results disappear as soon as the individual weens themselves off the medicine. Also, many acne treatments prescribed by doctors or dermatologists are antibiotic in nature. Continuous antibiotic treatment can actually result in antibiotic resistance in the body, meaning when you really need your body to respond to antibiotic treatment, such as in illness, it may have built a tolerance and need more powerful meds to respond correctly. Some prescribed acne medications can even be dangerous, and are to be taken only for the most severe cases of acne and with the utmost caution (Acutane).

These treatments and systems are designed to target the hormones, balancing them in many cases for good, and requiring little or no follow up treatment or monitoring. They can work for people (myself a case-in-point), who have had every other conventional acne treatment fail them time and time again, or become ineffective over time.

Overall, herbal acne remedies have proven to be a highly effective and cost effective alternative for countless acne sufferers. Why not try it, and join the Clear Skin Club?

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Find Out How Acne Cure Becomes More Effective Through Proper Acne Skin Care

A lot of people think that medical acne treatments are enough for their acne cure but in reality, proper acne skin care matters much more and plays a vital role in every acne cure success. The first thing you should realize is to avoid oil based skin care products because these will clog up pores and will result in more acne breakouts. You should only choose water based make-ups, moisturizers, and other skin care products because these won’t cause any clogging of pores.

Another very important acne skin care is to avoid rubbing, pressing, picking, or squeezing of pimples because this will spread out the bacteria in other areas that will cause further pimple outbreaks. You can kill the bacteria on the surface of your skin by applying lemon juice that is diluted in water. Its antiseptic quality is the most effective acne cure in most cases.

Applying tea tree oil and mint toothpaste as well as the juice of a raw papaya can help cure pimples because these natural ingredients will penetrate deep down inside the pores and dry out pimples fast. If you have an active acne outbreak, this acne skin care regimen will certainly eliminate them in no time.

In addition to proper acne skin care, you should also consider rethinking your daily diet. A diet that is high in fatty and oily foods will just disrupt your acne cure practice because these foods affect your glands to produce excessive oils thus leading to further acne outbreaks.

You should drink plenty of water and vegetable or fruit juices because they will help in flushing out the toxins of your body. Vitamin A rich foods also help in rejuvenating your skin. You can find this essential vitamin in tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, squash, and carrots.

The acne cure stage doesn’t stop when the pimple outbreaks are gone since you still have to deal with the acne scars that resulted from it. You can use cucumber and other fruit and vegetable facial packs to cure your pimple scars. In addition, rubbing potato slices all over your face can also help in getting rid of blemishes and acne scars. This is one of the main secrets of acne skin care.

Even if you have found effective acne cure commercial products in the market, when you don’t have the proper acne skin care, your acne will just resurface on your skin. It is very important for us to know these acne skin care regimen to avoid acne from coming back. A lot of people are now enjoying acne free lives because they have perpetually followed every guideline on this article.

I’m sure thousands of people suffering from acne still have no clue about how acne skin care can help them cure their acne. These simple and easy to follow steps are the only way they can get rid of their skin condition. If you know someone suffering from acne, you can help them discover the hidden gem secrets of acne skin care.

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Psychological Misconceptions Of Acne. "70% Of Teenagers Suffer Acne For The Wrong Reasons"!

Acne Explained. Understanding The Psychological Effects Of Acne

Acne is among the most prevailing physical skin conditions among teenagers and adults.

There are many different types, and proven treatments have been formulated to care for each. Physical appearance Is not the only thing acne effects.

What takes place when an individual suffering from the condition is affected psychologically, and could shy away from attending social events with friends or colleagues because of how it makes them feel?

In today's society, appearance has become the center point for all social decisions.

How you appear has become more significant in the eyes of many than who you are as a person. This places great pressure on teenagers, and remains to affect them as they develop to be adults.

Many people feel it crucial to conform to what is considered the norm, or at least to their perception of it.

Psychological feelings explained. So what takes place when a person suffers from a physically altering condition such as acne?

This is a problem particularly in teenagers since they are still developing a strong sensation of who they are. What happens to them can effect who they turn out to be, and it does not stop there.

Many adults feel the same psychological effects of acne, and say it makes them feel ugly and undesirable in appearance.

Studies have shown that psychological effects of acne may lead to depression, eating disorders, and social anxiety.

Whilst this frequently starts as a teenager, it may carry over as an adult, resulting in serious psychological ramifications. So what can be done to prevent this from happening?

Many acne sufferers seek coverage that will hide their acne, generally in the form of a cream concealer or makeup.

These products can be purchased nonprescription, and do a good job covering up most mild to moderate acne. For more severe cases, a doctor can prescribe something to conceal the condition.

Diet plays a small function. However, there may be certain foods that influence breakouts. If you feel this may be affecting your acne, stay away from those foods that seem to be causing the problem, and see if that helps.

It is believed that diet may play a larger role in adult acne than in teen acne, so it does not hurt to start early.

Psychological misconceptions of acne.

Another factor that could play a function in self-esteem, particularly in teenagers, is the misconception that acne is induced by having unclean skin.

While this Is not true, it may cause acne sufferers to become more apprehensive about how other people view them, which can cause self-esteem to drop.

The first step toward feeling better about yourself is feeling better about your acne.

To do this, you must treat the problem. This could be something you will be able to do on your own, or it might require the help of a doctor. Either way, find a treatment that works best for you.

If you are feeling anxious and depressed about your condition, or because of it, talk to your doctor about these feelings and what you are able to do to relieve them.

A healthier body leads to a healthier mind!

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Acne Prevention. Understand Your Skin Type Before You Decide How To Best Treat Acne

Acne Prevention. How To Determine Your Skin Type And How Best To Choose The Right Acne Products

Skin type plays an important part in how acne affects you and what is required to address is.

Your skin type will also influence which types of products you should use to treat your acne and typically care for your skin.

Determine Your Skin Type. There are some introductory questions you should ask yourself to assist you get started;

1). How frequently do you break out in acne?

2). Do you suffer from blackheads?

3). What do your pores look like after washing with soap?

4). how does your skin look and feel?

5). Do you have facial lines?

Acne Prevention. Your Type Of Skin Explained.

By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to determine what types of products will work best for you and how your skin might react to them. There are three basic skin types. They are oily, normal, or dry.

However, this does not mean your skin can not be a combination of them. You may have any one of these skin types, or a combination of them, such as normal to oily, or normal to dry, and there are different products for caring for each.

Acne treatment and your skin type.

Each skin type is characterized by different things such as texture, oil production, and frequency of breakouts. People with dry skin do not usually suffer many breakouts, and rarely ever have blackheads.

This is because oil encourages breakouts by clogging up pores and blackheads are stimulated by oil. If your skin is dry, you are not producing very much oil, so, you should be less prone to as many acne episodes.

* Dry skin is also characterized by nearly visible pores, and may feel dry and tight after washing. Most people with dry skin are fair skinned, and often develop facial lines earlier in life. This skin type also burns easily.

* People with normal skin suffer occasional breakouts, and may have blackheads that come out mostly in the t-zone; the region on either side of the nose and on the forehead. Pores frequently appear visible in the t-zone, and the skin may feel tight after washing, but will soon become comfortable with oil in t-zone.

The skin coloring is generally fair to medium, and a few lines may appear early on, mostly around the eyes. This skin type when exposed to the sun, usually burns, then tans.

* People with oily skin frequently suffer regular breakouts with blackheads. The pores are often increased, and after washing the face may be oily, with the nose and forehead quickly becoming shiny.

The skin coloring is often olive to dark. Facial lines are generally very few to none in occurance, and oily skin typically stays preserved longer and does not age as quickly as do the other skin types. When exposed to the sun, this skin type rarely burns, but rather tans easily.

Acne prevention. Understanding the best product for your type of skin.

Once you determine your skin type,you will be able to determine products developed especially for it. There are a number of products on the market for treating each skin type, as well as for combination skin.

Once you discover a regimen of products that work for you, you can begin treating your acne correctly.

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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Natural Acne Treatments – Get Rid Of Acne With No Pills Or Harsh Lotions

Acne is a serious problem that affects millions of people worldwide. There are many acne treatments that have been developed over the years. Many of them treat the problem of acne only at the level of the skin. Their focus is to clean the skin and keep it oil free and then apply a lotion that is supposed to keep the acne from coming back. However, many natural acne treatment programs focus on lifestyle and the effect one’s diet, immediate surroundings as well as stress levels can have on their acne condition.

The belief is that the real cause of acne goes far deeper than just the level of the skin. Many researchers think that the root cause of pimples is really a matter of looking at the kind of lifestyle you are living and that the levels of toxins in your body is a major contributing factor to your acne condition.

External as well as internal cleansing programs are important when it comes to getting rid of acne permanently. There are many ways to clean the skin externally and most people are familiar with these approaches. Using a mildly abrasive cleanser is ideal as it helps to remove the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin. Also it is important to nourish the skin and using natural skin moisturizers such as almond oil is great to keep the skin looking soft and healthy.

Internal cleansing is also very important in any natural acne treatment program. There are many cleansing programs that you can use, just take a look at your local health food store and ask for a ‘full body cleanse’ package. Going on a juice fast can be a great way to detoxify and clean your internal system naturally. Yes, it does require some discipline to not consume your regular fast food and packaged lunches but you need to focus on how beautiful your skin will look when you finally become acne free. So going through a bit of pain will be worth it.

Many natural acne treatment programs also address the effect that stress can have on your acne. Many researchers believe that stress contributes greatly to your acne condition and that by simply reducing the levels of stress in your life can make a dramatic difference in your acne. How is stress related to acne? The answer is not fully known however there are many examples of where people that had severe acne took part in stress reduction programs and found their acne condition improving dramatically.

There are many ways to reduce stress from your life. One of the best ways is to learn how to perform meditation. The primary goal of most meditation practices is to help reduce excessive thinking. This has the effect of eliminating significant stress from one’s life as most mental stress is caused by simply thinking too much. Meditation will help you to quiet your mind and when you learn to have a quiet mind, you will attain great inner peace and inevitably you will experience less stress in your life.

Natural acne treatment solutions are indeed very effective, perhaps the most effective way to eliminate those pesky zits permanently. They do require a bit of commitment on your part to stick with the program and learn a few new skills but getting rid of acne is worth it. So look for natural acne treatment programs as there are many out there, you can even find them online as e-book programs.

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Natural Acne Cure: Can Bath In Sulphur Springs Treat Acne?

In village Vajreshwari (Dist:Thane-Maharashtra-India), there are many hot springs. The water almost boils when it comes out of the outlets from the earth. Continuous flow of water from the springs has resulted in small pond-like formations nearby. There are several of them. The water is yellow-brown and it smells of sulphur. All sorts of skin disorders, including acne can be cured there. It is not believed so, it actually happens! The modern medical specialists also, regard sulphur as one of the important products in the treatment of acne.

By taking bath in sulphur springs, you can not only cure your acne condition, many chronic diseases like rheumatism, gout, arthritis and much more may also wither away. But you need to take regular baths in these springs. They are many in number. Vajreshwari is about 75 kilometers from old Mumbai. At a time, take bath in the springs for not more than 20 minutes, as otherwise, you may feel too dizzy on account of the sulphur effect and its smell.

The best part of taking acne treatment, here in the Vajreshwari sulphur springs is that the treatment is free. You may take bath, any number of times. Cheap and good hotels are available nearby.

Decades ago, Vajreshwari was a sleepy village. As the authentic news about the curative power of the sulphur springs spread, Vajresjwari has become a tourist spot. As you drive down from the stretch of farms and villages and arrive at Vajreshwari, you feel that you have suddenly come from the middle age to the modern age. That's what the medical tourism does to a place! The very beauty of the spot will remove all the stress in you. One of the contributing factors to acne is stress-- isn't it?

You always get sick from within to with-out. Never from with-out to within! Take the example of pimples. They don't come from foreign region and land on your skin and then try to go inside your body, piercing the skin. But the reverse is true.

They sprout on the skin due to an internal disorder. If your actual trouble is internal, what can the external medications do? It may give you some psychological satisfaction, but genuine cure is impossible. The fire is somewhere else. You are pressing the fire extinguisher elsewhere.

Acne can be treated in the most natural way, and this facility is naturally available in India. You may try these spring baths and check the authenticity of the treatment for yourself. For it is not a prescribed method to treat acne. But then, the nature has got its own healing properties!

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Friday, 15 August 2008

Acne Natural Cure - Simple And Effective Ways To Stop Acne.

Finding a remedy for your outbreaks of pimples isn’t too hard to do. The trick is getting one that works for your specific type of acne outbreaks and is natural. Don’t get discouraged about it, you can have clear and healthy skin, it will just take a little experimentation and patience. Know about some treatments that have been beneficial as an acne natural cure for stubborn skin problems that you can use at home.

There are several types of treatments for blemishes and using them isn’t all that hard. One treatment for blackheads is a wash of lime and milk. All you have to do is bring the milk to a gentle boil, and then add the juice from one lime, and you can wash your face. Let it cool a little, and if it feels too hot don’t use it.

Another type of acne natural cure is to use an astringent for a deep cleaning of your pores. At your local grocery store buy a leafy mango. Boil it in some water, and then rub it after it cools on your face. If your case of pimples isn’t too severe you can just leave the mango to soak overnight. It’s an acne natural cure that will clean your pores thoroughly.

Something that you probably eat everyday in some form is good for your skin as well. A raw potato is a perfect acne natural cure, especially for whiteheads. The vitamin C gives your skin
a healthy glow, and its alkaline gets rid of the bacteria on your face. The potato has an acid in it too that clean dead or dying skin cells on your face, which works as an acne natural cure.

Don’t forget that you can use the papaya fruit on your face, but it needs to be raw. An acne natural cure with these types of applications will help your skin stay healthy by stopping infection from spreading.

Finally, remember that any acne remedy might leave your skin a little dry for moisture at times during treatments. A good way to rehydrate your skin after using an acne natural cure is to use Almond Oil. You’ll need to buy a bag of almonds, and grind up with water approximately 4 to 5 good sized almond nuts. Spread the paste on your face, and don’t scrub. It will smooth the face and add some moisture too. Buttermilk is another way to treat skin for dryness, and so are curds.

If you’ve tried every over the counter medication for it and it’s just not working, than you might want to use an acne natural cure. You can find a treatment solution in an acne
natural cure, but take your time, and find out what works for you.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Acne Solution: Stop Falling Prey To The Number One Acne Myth

Nine out of ten people fall prey to the number one acne myth: Acne is caused by dirt and oil on your skin, which leads to an infection under the skin. While this can be a valid cause for acne, could it be that the leading acne product manufacturers just want you to believe this is true so you'll continue to buy their products?

However effective these supposed acne solutions are for many people, the truth is that these products may only be "curing" you of your acne on the surface. Which means, you're not really being cured at all.

You see there's a common belief that acne is not caused by surface dirt and oil, but is caused by something deep below your skin's surface, like toxins in your body. Toxins come from air, water, and anything you ingest, such as food, alcohol, etc. that your body has to filter out.

Generally, your liver and kidneys work to filter toxins out of your body through your bowels and bladder. When your kidneys and liver become so full of toxins that they can no longer release them effectively in this manner, the toxins build up. Well, they need to come out somewhere —through your skin by way of your pores.

When toxins escape through your skin, they irritate and contaminate your pores. The result is an infection, evident by a pussy white pimple or a hard, tender bump on the surface of your skin, generally found in clusters.

One of the best ways — if not THE best way — to help rid your body of toxins is to detoxify. You've probably heard of detoxification before. There are numerous detoxifying aids available on the market today.

The concept of detoxification is a simple one: To aid your body in ridding itself of toxins. The process can last anywhere from a couple of days to a month, depending on your needs. Several components are included from simplifying your diet to drinking lots of water, juices and teas to taking herbal supplements to aid in ridding your body of waste.

During the detoxification process, your body may experience symptoms similar to being sick, such as headaches, nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. This is because the toxins are being processed out of your body. Once you get passed the initial symptoms, you'll find that you not only feel better but your skin will look better. And if you keep up a healthier diet by not reintroducing toxins to your body, you can continue to manage your acne for the rest of your life, without the use of acne products.

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