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Tips For Your Beautiful Skin

Having a beautiful skin is everything for ladies from the distant past till today. Surprisingly the modern guys have become metro-sexual in that they want to do all the crazy things women do for beauty.

Skin being the biggest body organ, it is imperative that we take good care of it by eating balanced diet, observing proper hygiene and using the care products that were specifically made for our type of skin.

This vital organ being on the outer side of the body is exposed to very many risks of infection such as skin allergy, acne, insect bites, burns and scalds, bruises among others.

These dangers may ruin the natural appearance of the skin leaving it with ugly scars, pimples, spots, or just marks that interfere with our self esteem and therefore we fail to love our images the way we should.

Among these skin risks, acne is the most rampant and many have suffered greatly trying to clear it away but, in vain. It is not all those cures recommended by doctors will work for you in fact; all of them may fail you.

I do not want to discourage you but it is the truth, some people struggle with this problem forever. The crucial step is for you to ensure that you remain patient and strong in character no matter how bad your acne gets.

With both genders dying to have a healthy looking skin that is soft, elastic with fair complexion, it is therefore important for you to grab some of these skin tips and try them.

So here follows the tips:

The skin on your lips needs extra care too to avoid dryness and cracking which at times leads to bleeding. To avoid this, use almond oil regularly for a month.

Your hands

To avoid rough skin on your hands, use rubber gloves when washing dishes and apply generous amounts of rich lotion on your hands throughout the day.

Your feet

Keep the skin on your feet looking attractive and healthy by using pumice stone when bathing then apply a moisturizing cream. Have a pedicure every two weeks.

Your face

Cast out dull, dry and ashy skin that is common during the cold weather season with a deep cleanse facial that improves your skin’s elasticity.

This facial differs from the regular one in that a collage film that firms up your skin is used as well an exfoliating enzyme that removes dead skin as it penetrates deep into your skin.

Bioactive extracts with antiseptic properties are also used to deeply moisturize your skin and prevent dullness.

A rich mask that is applied at the end of the facial has an additional moisturizing effect that leaves your face soft and glowing.

Cleanse your skin twice a day with a facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type, a toner and a cream to restore moisture and elasticity and a sunscreen to protect your skin from premature wrinkling. Make sure your skin glow this year by having regular facials.

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By: Esteri Maina

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