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Keeping It Clean - The Best Cleaners For Teenage Acne

For the acne sufferer, finding the right facial cleanser is an important step if reducing the problem. With so many products out there, however, the right cleanser can be hard to find. There are literally hundreds of skin care products that are advertised to be the best. Unfortunately there is no best product for everyone and without the right one for you; teenage acne can become an even larger problem than it already is.

As an esthetician myself, who often works with parents and teens for solutions to various skin problems, one question I hear often is, what is the best cleaner for teenage acne? The short answer to that is, there is no best cure. There are great products out there. But, the truth is that what worked for one teen acne sufferer, won't always produce the same results for the next

To help you out, I have developed this guide to choosing the right facial cleansers. The right cleaning products can mean the difference between reducing teenage acne and aggravating the problem. A good cleanser will get to the root of the problem; not just provide a quick fix solution.

Teenage Acne Cleansers to Avoid Before we talk about which cleaners may work, let's discuss those that don't. Some of the bad products out there can have negative effects on your skins overall health. Even when they seem like they are working the effects they have below the surface may make your acne worse in the long run. There are two main types of cleansing products to avoid.

  • Alcohol Based Cleansers: Many so-called acne treatments contain large amounts of alcohol, and other chemical agents. They may come in the form of cleansing pads, spot treatments, or wash products. The unfortunate thing is that these cleansers may work for a time. It's unfortunate because, if you knew what these products were really doing to your skin, you likely wouldn't buy them.

    An alcohol based cleans dries out the skin (sometimes to the point of injury the skin itself). It may provide a quick fix to reducing your acne problem for a short time, but when you quit using the product you should expect your acne to come back three-fold. Even worse, the longer you use this type of product the more injury and irritation you are causing to your skin.

  • Chemical Cleansers That Also Claim to Moisturize: The next type of cleanser to look out for is the acne products that also claim to moisturize. Unless the product is sold as a two part system, with a cleanser and a moisturizer, the claim to moisturize likely means that oils have been added to the cleanser. This can actually make your acne worse. Cleanser is for cleaning and moisturizer if for moisturizing. It is difficult to make a product that effectively does both.

Things to Look For in Cleaners for Teenage Acne The best facial cleansers are actually natural cleansers that don't contain a lot of chemical problems. A non-abrasive green tea facial scrub, for example, may be a good choice. For many people these more expensive products aren't an option.

If you are going to use a department store cleanser, then the reality of it is that, there is no definitive product that will work for everyone. There are, however, some things to look for that are beneficial in reducing teenage acne problems.

When you're reading that package in the department store, look for these terms.

  • Oil Free: Since the oil in your skin is part of the problem in the first place, it stands to reason that cleaning products that are oil free will be better in reducing teenage acne.
  • Non-irritating: Products that cause irritation can increase the problem. The health of your skin is important to beginning to reduce acne problems. Dry, irritated skin is less effective at healing.
  • Non-Comedogenic (doesn't promote acne): This term is especially important if you are looking at products that aren't acne specific. You won't be doing yourself any favors if you choose a comedogenic product that furthers your acne problem.

Conclusion There is no such thing as one product that will work for everyone. In many cases there are recommended steps to reducing acne. Our own teenage acne product, for example, can be a great start in reducing teenage acne problems. When it comes to facial cleansers, at least, you now have a general guide to sorting through all of the ads, and finding one that will work for you.

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