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Natural Acne Treatment - A Few Tips to Help Get Rid of Your Acne

While acne generally occurs between the ages of 13-19 with teenagers experiencing many changes in their bodies such as puberty, it can also happen at an adult age and it can be a problem too. One thing that must be addressed first though is the cause of adult acne. Acne, or acne vulgaris (common acne) is caused by the skins oil glands. When these glands over produce oil it can cause bacteria to block the skins pores and eventually turn into acne.

However, I'm going to tell you a few techniques and tips you can use to get rid of your acne. No gels. No Creams. Just some good 'ol natural techniques. These are some key points you must target if you want to get rid of your acne.

  • Food and Drink: Think fresh! Make sure to get your daily intake of fresh fruit and fresh veg. Aim for 5 - 6 portions a day. Fruits and veg that contain vitamins c, d and e are great for treating acne as they contain those vitamins amongst various other minerals. Examples of fruits and veg that contain these minerals and vitamins are those such as oranges and avocados.
  • Your Stress Levels: Stress for many can be a major cause of acne and other skin disorders. Having high or increased levels of stress cause various hormonal effects which in turn affect your acne's severity. You can try different techniques to reduce your stress such as daily exercise and relaxation methods.

If you're serious about getting rid of your acne, check out the link below!

Adult Acne Treatments

If you're serious about getting rid of your acne I recommend you check out this link: Natural Acne Cure Tips for more great information and product reviews.

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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Skin Care and Cosmetics permanent makeup

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Acne Facial
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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Very simple solution for Acne

Do you come across that you have more acne on one side of your face than the other side of your face? A lot of people tell me about this widespread problem and there is a very simple solution for Acne.

Acne is a problem for everyone now days. It appears that more and more people come out of the woodwork with acne problems than ever earlier than. Once thought to be only a difficulty you dealt with (and moved on from) in the teens, number of more people are now purchasing acne products for day after day use.

One problem, acne connected of course, that keeps coming up, particularly in adult acne sufferers, is the happening of having worse acne on one side of the face. I get this question so frequently that I determined to really look deeper into the difficulty. Later than a couple of days of research, the reply was clear. Acne on one side of the face comes from something we do daily. All of us perform it and if we did not accomplish it, we would die. What is this cause of acne on one side of face?

Pillow case

Yes, your pillow case is help to making your acne worse. Debris from your hair (use of products and every day wear and tear) as well as oils from your face builds up on your pillow case. You sleep on the pillow case and your pores get blocked.

So how can you stop your pillowcase from giving you acne? Well, you can not sleep on a piece of steel, so the most excellent solution by far is to just change your pillow case once a week. You could change it more frequently if you had a lot of pillow cases. One more proposal would be to wash your pillow and by this I do not mean spraying it with Febreeze, but actually putting it into the washing machine after that laying it out in the sun to dry. Of course, you should forever check the tag of your pillow to see if it is washing machine safe previous to you wash it, just to make certain you do not ruin your favorite pillow. If your pillow is not washing machine safe, think purchasing a germ guards defensive cover. This method, you can wash the cover as frequently as you like and never ruin the pillow.

So consider about your pillowcase and how frequently you change it, you might come across that your acne clears up without any attempt at all.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Identifying the Bumps - Acne Diagnosis

Acne is a very common skin problem, generally seen in adolescents- both male and female. Acne diagnosis can initially be done independently. It occurs because a high volume of fat and cellular material gets concentrated in the hair follicle glands of the affected areas.

Acne can be identified by the degree of intensity:

  • Mild forms of the skin problem appear as whiteheads, blackheads, and tiny eruptions without any swelling. These can be identified at home and can be taken care of with the help of homemade face packs or over-the-counter products.
  • Moderate acne demonstrates a larger number of whiteheads and blackheads along with abscesses. These can also be diagnosed and cured independently. However, please note that you must consult a dermatologist or your doctor if they persist for more than six weeks.
  • Severe acne results in outgrowths called nodules, which are filled with pus; and cause swelling and redness. These can get painful and itchy. You must get this condition treated medically and must not try to heal it at home.
  • A Few Ways To Spot The Spots:

  • When oil or dead skin deposits in the skin pores, small white contusions appear on the skin. These are known as white heads.
  • Similar to whiteheads are blackheads. They are black in color because of the exposure to air.
  • Blemishes and inflammation of the skin are signs of this commonplace skin problem which give you an indication that you need to visit your doctor.
  • Red scars and pimples with pus in the concerned areas are also two known acne indicators.
  • Constant feeling of pain and itchiness around the sores can be temporarily relieved at home by applying toothpaste; however, you must seek medical advice for long-term relief.
  • Scarring after the eruption has flattened is an indication of the acne. Normal pimples, if not pricked, do not cause scars.
  • Pus-filled abrasions are also a common way of identifying acne.
  • Why Do They Appear At All?

    Unfortunately, one of the causes could just 'run in the family'. You may inherit this unwanted legacy from either or both of your parents. Nothing much can be done about that. However, this is good-to-know information as you can control your lifestyle to avoid acne.

    This could also be one of the gifts of growing up. There are many hormonal changes that you undergo as an adolescent and some of those can result in acne. Puberty and menstruation can sometimes invite this unwanted guest in your life.

    Irregular or imbalanced diet has also been known to cause the eruptions though its effect is still disputed. Nevertheless, avoid eating chocolate, oily, or spicy food or anything, which is high on cholesterol if you want to avoid getting these bumps on your face.

    If you are stressed, which you could be considering the times; there is a huge chance of your developing the dreaded problem. So keep yourself as relaxed as possible.

    Acne, like all skin diseases is easy to diagnose. All you need to do is to recognize the above-mentioned symptoms and then visit your doctor or a dermatologist. The doctor will examine your face, and the other affected areas and will suggest a course of treatment according to the acne diagnosis made by him/her.

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    Thursday, 16 April 2009

    Treating Acne - What You Can Do to Finally See Results

    Acne is more than just a face full of pimples it is a life-changing problem. You are so embarrassed by the way that you look that you want to stay at home. While you are hiding, you are missing out on so many great opportunities to have fun and to enjoy life. You know that you should suck it up, put on a brave face and not allow your acne to control you but that is too much to ask for. You are so ashamed of the way that you look, that you don't care about anything else other than treating your acne and feeling good again.

    When treating acne, there are some products that work really well. Tea tree oil has been proven to be one of the best acne fighters. It is gentle on the skin and works very well to combat the bacteria that acne leaves on your skin. It's a great tool to incorporate into your skin care army.

    Not only do you need a great product when treating acne, but also there are changes that you have to make to your diet and to your person. If you are stressed about your acne, chances are you will get more pimples. You need to calm yourself down so you aren't stressed. Also, you need to change your diet to include healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. The nutrients and vitamins in fruits and veggies are great for your skin.

    The best advice when treating acne is to stay calm. It may take a while but your skin will clear up.

    You know that the fight against acne is a long and hard battle, but what if it was made easier? What if you could treat your acne and see results in just a few days? Well, this can be possible for you.

    Find out from this helpful site what you can be doing to see results in just 3 short days.

    What have you got to lose?

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    Friday, 10 April 2009

    Get Rid of Acne Today - Easy Natural Acne Cures

    If you are suffering from acne it is important for you to find a natural remedy that can help to clear up your skin. There many great products that are on the market now so it is important that you talk to your doctor to get a recommendation on which works the best. You may want to stay away from some of the lesser-known products because in many cases the chemicals can be harmful to your skin. You have to remember that many of the natural cures for acne are not well publicized because the cosmetic companies do not make money on these. They want to sell you there products and in most cases they may not be the best for you.

    Aloe vera is a great product that you can use to help clear up your skin. It is available in a cream form and also you can take it as a tablet. This can be a great alternative for you to trigger acne but make sure the product you are purchasing does not have any harmful chemicals in it. This product has been around for a long time and was originally used to help people who had burns. Basically how it works is it adds moisture to the skin so it can repair any damage it has.

    Remember if you are trying to cure acne is always better to find a natural products such as aloe vera. Many of the nationally known products that are available for use can contain harmful chemicals that are not good for your skin. You should try to avoid these any chance you can.

    Get Free: Acne Treatment Remedies

    Find: Natural Acne Methods

    Bryan Burbank is an expert in the field of Health and Well Being.

    Tuesday, 7 April 2009

    Acne Treatment With Benzoyl Peroxide

    It was in the 1920s when Jack Breitbart from Revlon got the idea of curing acne through benzoyl peroxide. Ever since then, it has become one of the most commonly used acne treatments throughout the world. It usually comes as a cream or gel with a concentration of 2.5%, though higher concentrations up to 10% are available too. Over time, its usage in over-the-counter acne products has dramatically increased and benzoyl peroxide has surely enjoyed its fame being a decades old treatment. Being relatively cheap yet effective when compared with other costly treatments, acne sufferers usually go for benzoyl peroxide when they seek a cure for the first time.

    One of the main reasons for continuous growth of acne is the P. acne bacterium, which fails to survive in the presence of sufficient oxygen. It is this weakness of P. acnes that benzoyl peroxide targets, eliminating these bacteria by creating an oxygen-rich environment around the skin surface. And with the elimination of these bacteria, your acne lesions automatically vanish gradually.

    In addition to P. acnes, the excessive lineup of dead skin cells also results in acne as pores get blocked this way and sebum is trapped inside. Benzoyl oxide is also effective in clearing the pores by preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells. So this way, new acne breakouts are stopped too while the P. acnes bacteria get killed on the other hand.

    However, treatment using benzoyl peroxide can take some time and its use has to be continued even after you get rid acne. You can consult a dermatologist for more advice on this issue as the time may vary from one patient to another.

    While this method is highly effective and low cost, it is not recommended for people who have a dry skin. You are likely to experience skin dryness after benzoyl peroxide usage. While you can use an acne-friendly moisturizer with this treatment, people with sensitive skin can experience itching, irritation or even swelling. For this reason, you should start with 2.5% concentrated benzoyl peroxide in the beginning and should gradually move higher to the 10% creams.

    If you feel uncomfortable with this method, then you can go for vitamin b5 acne treatment instead, which is safer and a good low-cost alternate. For more information on acne vitamin treatments, please read our detailed acne guide.

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    Saturday, 4 April 2009

    Adult Acne: A Preview

    Acne is the problem of just teenagers, isnt it? Once a person survives the teenage years, they dont have to deal with the embarrassment of acne any longer, right? Well....not exactly.

    The sad truth is that about 25% of men and about 50% of women will have acne at some time in their 20s, 30s or 40s.Although there has never been a real cause established, it is believed that most adult acne is caused by the same thing that causes teenage acne...hormonal changes.

    A doctor can sometimes prescribe hormonal treatments that will clear a case of adult acne right up. As with teenage acne; adult acne is not caused by diet. Stress has been cited as one possible cause of adult acne but that assertion has never been verified. Treating adult acne is a bit more difficult than treating teenage acne. Adults have the concern of drying out their skin those teenagers dont generally have to contend with.

    Adults dont want pimples but they dont want wrinkles, either. A dermatologist should be consulted if the acne is long lasting or severe. There are many treatments that are available to adults who suffer from acne. Most of the effective treatments are only available by prescription, however. Adults should not use over-the-counter acne medications that are intended for the treatment of teenage acne.

    These products tend to dry the skin and adults need to be concerned about wrinkling as well as acne.

    A case of adult acne is not a happy occurrence to say the very least because those ugly bumps always seem to occur at the most inopportune times and while a teenager may be embarrassed by acne an adult is even more devastated. Fortunately there are treatments and a dermatologist has a lot of weapons in his arsenal to fight adult acne.

    This is true for all types of acne such as adult acne, teenage acne and baby acne. Just bear in mind that when going in for treatment, you must first have all the knowledge at hand and only then you must actually opt for a treatment. For Adult Acne Treatment visit Adult Acne Treatments. This is all the more important for pregnant women who are at a risk because some acne medications have chemicals which might result in adverse reaction.

    By: James Coup

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    Friday, 3 April 2009

    Do You Know These Natural Remedies For Acne?

    Acne is a very common condition of the skin especially during adolescence. 4 out of 5 teenagers has or had experienced having acne. Acne can appear as blackheads or whiteheads at first then it start to become red and it then becomes a pimple. The acne can become severe where about 70% of the facial skin is covered by it. And it can not just be found on the face but it is also commonly found on the back, chest and shoulders.

    The remedy for acne can be found at your home. You don't really need to spend a lot of money buying those expensive products as there are natural acne treatments as well, although this is true that there are some very effective products out there. Natural remedies are gaining more popularity as more people get scared of using too much chemicals on their body.

    The best of all natural cleanser is clean water. Yes, water helps your body to eliminate toxins. People often neglect the importance of water but if you drink plenty of water everyday, you will not only have better looking skin but you would be healthier too. Water can not be replicated by other drinks with its cleansing properties so try to drink at least 6 glasses of pure water every day and you will surely be amazed at how it gets rid of your acne.

    Here are other natural acne treatments that you can try. They can work wonders !

    • Apply cooked oatmeal on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes then wash.
    • Garlic cloves can be used by rubbing it to your acne a few times a day.
    • Avocado can also be applied like a facial mask.
    • Rub tea tree oil on the affected area.
    • Use rose water and add the same amount of lemon juice. Rub it on your face and let it sit for 30 minutes. Do this every day for 15 days !

    These are just few tips if you want to go natural and not spend money on specific acne treatments. However, you may know that acne treatments containing only natural ingredients are also available on the market. You may decide to check some as they are gentle enough to most skin types and do not contain harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin. You can also opt for advanced formulas that combines scientifically researched compounds and natural ingredients to give you optimal results on your quest to get rid of acne.

    Some treatments now actually include natural skin care supplements that balance your body from the inside to control hormonal levels among other internal issues, that could cause acne (it takes about two to three weeks for acne to become visible as a pimple at the surface of your skin, the process first occur inside).

    What acne treatment kit would you try risk free? Exposed or Proactiv?

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