Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Things That You Can Do To Clear Up Your Acne Quickly

There are things that you can do to boost the healing process of your acne. Actually, if you are applying these things correctly, you can get rid of acne in a short time. Acne should not become a difficult problem to solve.

Here are things that you can do to clear up your acne quickly:

1. The first thing that you can do is to focus on the cleanliness of your body. Most people who have acne might not clean their body properly. So, the first thing is that you should start to clean your body and hair regularly at least twice a day. Make sure to use only natural soap and shampoo.

2. Start to avoid foods that might aggravate your acne such as eggs, chicken, hamburger, pizza, peanuts, chocolate, and other foods that you know can aggravate your acne. Make sure that you give proper nutrition for your body by consuming more salads, fresh fruits, smoothie, and green leafy vegetables.

3. Start to drink plenty of water every day because at this time your body needs a lot of water to eliminate toxins and wastes inside. You can also drink more fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. Try to experiment with different combination of fruits and vegetables and find your own taste.

4. Allocate more time to rest your body and mind. At this time, you should not underestimate your acne. To clear up acne quickly, you need more rest and relaxation of your body and mind, just like when you suffer other illnesses. Treat your acne problem the same way.

5. Exercise regularly to keep your body fit, make your body sweaty, and open the clogged pores on your skin. Exercise is effective to refresh your body and mind so you should find your own comfortable exercise that you can do regularly.

6. If you have severe acne, chances are that your acne is persistent and hard to eliminate. To clear up acne quickly, you should practice meditation and breathing exercises and allocate special times just for this purpose. It will eliminate your stress and relax your mind, which will help reduce acne persistence.

7. Before sleeping in the night, apply almond oil to your face and leave it for about 30 minutes. Then, wash your face with warm water and pat it dry. Almond oil will help to repair damage in your skin and keep the natural moisture of your skin.

Additional thing that you can do to clear up acne quickly:

Remember not to force your body too hard to clear your acne because it won't work. You can only cure acne gradually, no matter how quickly it is. So, enjoy the process and eliminate your worries about your condition for a moment.

What would happen if you still have acne tomorrow?

Having acne can mean not being able to socialize with your friends, not being able to have cute photos of your face, and not being able to enjoy your own life. Make sure you don't lose the beauty of your face - apply for holistic acne treatment today. Learn more about the benefits of holistic acne treatment.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Clear Skin For Men - That's What Every Man Wants

Normally when talking about clear skin, it's usually assumed the interest lies with teens and women. But men want clear skin too.

A good regimen for clear skin is the same for men and women:

  • You should wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle cleanser
  • Don't clean your skin with rubbing alcohol -- it will dry your skin and put your oil glands into overdrive
  • Wash your hands frequently -- to prevent spreading germs to your face
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wash your hair frequently to avoid adding oil to your forehead -- if your hair touches your forehead
  • Clean your eye glasses and sunglasses frequently -- if you wear them
  • Don't pop your pimples -- you'll just run the risk of causing cysts and nodules -- and it could cause scarring
  • If you smoke -- stop smoking
  • Limit your intake of alcoholic beverages
  • Take a multivitamin mineral pill daily
  • Drink plenty of water -- to hydrate your skin
  • Get enough sleep -- it will have a positive effect on your skin
  • Wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin
  • If you have dry skin -- apply a moisturizer after washing your face
  • Spot treat your existing pimples with a benzoyl peroxide product
  • Wash your bed sheets, pillow cases, and clothes with a hypoallergenic laundry detergent

If you don't exercise -- now would be a good time to start. You could take walks, or do light exercises at the gym. You'll work up a sweat -- flushing out germs and dead skin from your pores -- then finish up with a shower to wash it all down the drain.

You could start eating healthier foods.

Some good foods for clearer skin are:

Baked potatoes
Flaxseed oil

If you have severe acne, and are finding it hard to get clear skin -- seek professional help -- a dermatologist or esthetician has the tools, and knowledge to help you get clear, healthy, skin.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

The Reasons Behind Back Acne - And Back Acne Treatments That Really Work

Many who suffer with acne on the facial area also develop back acne which can be just as painful and sometimes more severe. Sebaceous glands which produce oil under the skin are somewhat larger on the back and can produce more oil and develop more cysts frequently.

Back acne treatment can often be challenging due to the fact that skin on the back is somewhat thicker than facial skin. If the acne is mild, effective treatment can involve simply cleansing the back gently with a 10% solution of alpha hydroxyl acid. Gently cleanse the area with this solution when you have a shower or bath.

If your back has more extensive acne, your acne treatment regimen may require a combination of benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxyl acid. As noted above, you simply cleanse the affected area and rinse it. You can also try sodium hydroxide soap with tea tree oil.

In the most severe cases, acne treatment may require a serious medication, such as Accutane. Accutane is most often used in the treatment of acne for the entire body. Many doctors will not prescribe this medication for back acne treatment because of the severe side effects, which include nosebleeds, headaches, dry or cracked skin, vomiting, thoughts of suicide and serious changes in behavior. This medication is one of the most effective drugs for treating acne because it reduces the size of the oil glands as well as the amount of oil that those glands produce.

There are other types of medications for acne on the back, including antibiotics. The treatment of acne on the back is usually much more aggressive than treatment for facial acne, because it is deeper under the skin and can cause large scars.

Part of your back acne treatment regimen should include showering regularly, especially after physical activity (sweating) and avoiding things that will rub on your back, such as a backpack and not wearing tight fitting clothing such as spandex.

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

7 Benefits of Laser Acne Treatment

1. Using laser therapy for acne treatment is fast and involves very little discomfort. The actual amount of pain involved will depend on the specific laser therapy being used. Blue light therapy does not usually cause pain, but there may be some slight discomfort for a few days following the treatment. A diode laser treatment can be more painful, because deeper layers of skin are affected. The time required for a session can range from fifteen minutes to an hour or more, depending on the degree of acne and whether scarring is visible.

2. Just a few laser treatments can make a big difference in how your skin looks and feels. In as little as two or three sessions you can see the results with less acne, and the improvement in your skin. For some individuals, or if your acne is really severe, more sessions may be needed before your skin starts to improve. Normally laser treatments are spaced out, with at least three or four weeks in between each session. This gives your skin time to heal properly.

3. Pulsating light therapy for acne treatment can be very effective at shrinking the oil glands in your skin. These glands produce oils needed to keep your skin soft and healthy. Large glands may produce too much of these oils, which then clogs your pores and can lead to more severe acne and more frequent breakouts. Using this type of laser therapy shrinks these glands, so that you still have some oil production but the amount is significantly reduced.

4. Laser therapy can help minimize the inflammation that occurs when you have an acne breakout. This causes your skin to become red, blotchy, and bumpy. This inflammation is caused by a combination of bacteria on your skin and excess oil production from your glands. A laser therapy session addresses both of the inflammation causes, so you have less redness and swelling..

5. Lasers provide acne treatment that reaches deeper into the skin than any topical applications or products can. The bacteria that can cause your acne can hide deep within your skin layers, where anything applied topically cannot reach. Laser light can reach in these hidden areas, and destroy any bacteria hiding out.

6. Another benefit of lasers for treating acne is that this method can help permanently reduce the amount of oil on your skin by damaging the oil glands. This damage causes the gland to produce less oil at any time, and the effects can be permanent. This is different from shrinking the glands, because the laser actually damages the ability of the gland to produce oil. Care should be used though, because if the oil glands are damaged too badly the result could be skin that becomes too dry, and result in another cause of acne.

7. Acne treatment which uses blue light therapy has been shown to reduce the amount of bacteria that cause acne on your face. Breakouts can occur when an excess of this bacteria causes inflammation and clogged pores. Removing most of this bacteria will minimize or even eliminate your acne breakouts completely.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Use an Acne Home Remedy to Keep Your Face Clear

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up in the morning and a certain spot on your face really hurts? To your inconvenience, you walk to your bathroom mirror to see what that is and it happens to be a hug pimple. If your luck couldn't get any worse, you have a hot date with the girl of your dreams or you have an interview for the job you have been trying to get for months. If so, you're probably looking for a way to get rid of this annoying red spot. Most of the time, people try to get rid of it by washing it with soap and water. Though this is an alright practice, it doesn't really get the job done. If you pop the zit, then you will have blood coming out of your face for an hour and there will be scab on your face. The best alternative in this situation would definitely be an acne home remedy.

The first thing you need to do is remember that you're not alone in this inconvenience. So many people have to deal with this problem everyday, but it is to your benefit that you are doing something about it. The people who have this problem often try to make their own acne home remedy so that they can be done with this nuisance. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do this right. Many overlook one of the most important steps of making the pimple dry. Here are some tips that will help you get closer to getting rid of this disturbing acne problem.

First, you should use lemon. Lemons are probably one of the most common ingredients in an acne home remedy that people use. What you need to do is cut the lemon. Once it is cut into pieces, squeeze the juice out of one of the pieces on your zit or wherever you are trying to get rid of acne. Once that is done, do not wipe off the juice. It needs to be on the affected area for anywhere between twelve and twenty four hours. The acid from the lemon juice is what will dry out the pimple on your face.

Another alternative is using toothpaste. Toothpaste has recently become a popular home remedy among acne sufferers. Just like the lemon technique, you apply some toothpaste to your acne or zit and keep it there for twelve to twenty four hours. For this method you should only use white toothpaste. That means no scope green toothpaste! Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, it might be best to just leave it on there for a few minutes. You wouldn't want to do more damage then good.

Hopefully, these couple of tips gave you some insight into a few good acne home remedies. I'm not a doctor and I don't claim to be. This is just advice from an acne sufferer. If you want a permanent, long term solution, it would be best to see a qualified dermatologist.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Is Acne Laser Treatment Right For You?

As someone who has dealt with stressful acne, you know exactly how aggravating trying to get rid of acne can be. Suffering through one acne therapy, following another without success can become particularly aggravating. After trying a good number of highly endorsed gels and creams to few, if any results, many people try laser treatment as a last resort. Even though this specific course of treatment is the priciest of all acne treatments, for some it might just be the best. Laser works at minimizing the size of pores in the skin, causing them to produce a less oil, which in turn often reduces the clogging in the pores.

Despite the fact that laser treatment is a good deal more expensive than many other strategies, it does have advantages that the other acne treatments do not. Acne laser treatment can help reduce the risk of acne recurring. It can also get rid of the scars from acne. Laser acne treatment can actually correct and treat scar tissue. Those who have struggled with serious acne are often left with ugly scars that look almost as bad as the acne that caused it. Removing acne scars is one reason laser for acne has become sought-after among those with severe acne.

In spite of this, those who opt to treat acne with laser must be prepared for this treatment to take time. The treatments are implemented in sessions that are scheduled three to six months apart. It may take anywhere from five to ten appointments over all. The amount of time depends mostly on how significant the condition. In most cases the first few treatments show little to no progression. However, as you approach the ending of your treatment the progress will undoubtedly be much more evident. Acne laser treatment is almost always most effective when combined with other treatments. Talk with your physician about additional treatment methods that may be best for you.

Though the treatments themselves typically are not necessarily painful, there can be some slight after effects. Irritation of the skin at the areas where the laser brushed the skin is a common after effect so skin can get red and inflamed afterward. The redness and inflammation usually go away after a few days. Acne laser treatment decreases the amount of oil so this can cause skin dryness. You can combat the dryness by using a quality lotion designed for facial use.

Deciding if laser treatment for acne is best for you might be a complicated choice to make. Though the price tag for acne laser treatment is high, it can be worth every penny spent for the those with extreme acne or scarring from acne.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

7 Day Detox As an Effective Acne Cure

The 7 Day Acne Detox website states that the formula was discovered purely by chance. The wife of the CEO of the manufacturing company was on a ten day diet that was presented on The Oprah Winfrey Show, a fact he found out. She didn't lose all the pounds that she had been promised but she did find her acne cleared up. This took no more than seven days. After giving it to her family, everyone tried it and found their acne clearing up as well. Since the 7 Day Acne Detox is completely herbal and is taken orally as a pill, it is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an effective but natural cure.

AcneFree: If you are looking for one of the best treatments for acne, you've found it with AcneFree.

AcneFree comes with a three step process that includes a lotion that repairs the skin and heals pimples overnight, a cleansing solution to eliminate dirt and foreign matter and a toning solution that helps close up pores and also provides hydration. While adults can use this product successfully, it is especially good for teenagers.

In a matter of weeks you can have a clear complexion with Dermatology. You will find many companies making this same claim but few offer the risk free trial of dermatology. Regardless of age this system works well from the inside out for mild to moderate cases. Dermatology is designed to treat the most common problems associated with acne, such as blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads and redness. And there you have it. Those are the top acne-fighting products on the market today, and they're also inexpensive when compared to other acne products. So, if your goal is to find the ideal cure to eliminate your acne breakouts that can be embarrassing and painful, look no further than these products. You could be acne free forever and all it takes is for you to make the first move. Imagine how much better your life would be. Take the first step towards a better life by simply trying one of these cures.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads - 3 Simple Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Permanently!

Do you have acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or Pimples? Acne can be very embarrassing especially when you are in public. But do not despair there is a solution to your pimples problem.

There are natural ways to get rid of acne fast, that has been proven to work effectively without any side effect at all.

As you may know there are different classification of acne. Whiteheads is one classification of acne that is caused by accumulation of your body's natural oils when they get hardened. You should never try to pop your whiteheads this is one mistake a lot of acne sufferers do. Whiteheads usually affects people that are having oily skin.

There are many ways to get rid of your whiteheads, but none is as effective and reliable as natural home remedies. Listed below are some few tips to get rid of whiteheads:

How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads Fast Naturally:

1. You should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as much as you like. This is going to give your body the required nutrients, like vitamins and zinc which is very good for your skin, as it helps to rebuild the skin. And will get rid of any irregularities in your body.

2. Drink a lot of water also, to keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters or 8-10 cups of water per day. Water helps the body to flush out any bad toxins which may be harmful to the body. You can also drink a lot of fruit juice. This is known well to get rid of blackheads.

3. Avoid wearing any heavy makeup, because it may cause more whiteheads to spread. You must always keep your skin well moisturized. If your skin becomes too dry it becomes very susceptible to whiteheads outbreaks.

Getting rid of whiteheads is easy and fast than you think just follow a healthy diet, keep your skin moisturized and do some exercise regularly. You will see the difference in your skin.

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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Get Rid Of Acne Fast At Home - Top Treatment For Acne That Really Works!

"How to get rid of acne fast?" is a question that most acne victims want to find the answer to! Acne will normally affect everyone at least once in a lifetime, especially young people, who are experiencing puberty at the time, because the hormones are all bursting to the seams and it causes high secretions and several chemical by-products are formed from these secretions, which may eventually cause acne outbreak.

Young people going through puberty will have to deal with the appearance of zits, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. It is formed in stages.

The first stage is when it appears initially looking brown on the skin. This skin infection normally will show up any where there are dead body cells or the body is not cleaned properly. Paces like the forehead and the nose are more prone to acne attack.

How to get rid of acne fast?

The first thing you do if you want to get rid of acne, blackheads or zits is to wash your face with clean water and a mild soap, preferably when you are going to bed at night. Then at any other time you can stem the acne by washing your face with clean water again, and drying yourself with a clean towel to absorb the moisture. By doing this you will prevent any further outbreak of acne from your body.

This is just a simple treatment you can follow to help take care of acne, but to get a complete and permanent cure for your blackheads, whiteheads, zits and acne you will have to use a natural acne treatment or holistic treatments for acne.

Natural ways to get rid of acne fast:

Natural ingredient is the best way to get rid of acne, because they deal with the root cause of acne unlike over the counter products which will only treat the symptoms associated with blackheads or zits.

Some natural home ingredients used in treating acne, blackheads, pimples and zits include the use of tee tree oils, Coconut juice, sandal woods, apple cider, yogurt, and honey.

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Natural Cures For Acne - This Is The Answer To Acne

Majority of the people in the world is suffering from acne at some point their life. This frustrating condition has withstood attempts to formulate a cure based on medications and chemicals. There is an increasing demand for natural cures for acne in the market today. The commercial products available are often very expensive and inneffective, disappointing their customers.

A therapy for acne that's produced without a thorough understanding of the condition's root causes is likley to be as ineffective as all the other over-the-counter medications sold to treat acne's symptoms. One of the main reasons for the acne outbreaks is overactive sebum glands - the overactivity is caused by hormonal imbalances on our systems. The overactive sebum glands produce oil that accumulates under the skin when our pores are clogged. Whenever there's an excess of such oil, bacteria thrive and inflame the skin - this is the acne outbreak.

Since one root cause of acne is a hormonal imbalance, natural cures for acne must address that imbalance. Our hormone levels fluctuate naturally as we're growing, which makes teenagers more susceptible to acne because their hormones aren't yet at mature levels. There are some adults, however, who also suffer from acne. One factor that leads to hormonal imbalance in our body is due to the diet that we are having.

Our diets include a great deal of chemical ingredients, additives and preservatives that aren't natural and can't easily be absorbed by our bodies. White sugar is one of them. The more sugar we eat, the more insulin our bodies create to help cells absorb it.

Excess levels of insulin and androgen, another hormone, have been shown in scientific studies to cause overactive sebum glands. Insulin can also promote inflammation on cellular level, as there will be an increase in pro inflammatory hormones such as Progstaglandin E2.

Since the hyperactive sebum glands are the result of excessive insulin, one way to being that under control is to avoid foods with a high sugar content. Reducing the consumption of refined carbohydrates will also reduce the quantity of sugar consumed. White bread, breakfast cereal and pasta are some good examples of refined carbohydrates.

Because acne is a condition characterized by inflammation, it would also be wise to eat foods that encourage the production of anti-inflammatory hormones such as Progstaglandin E1 and E3, which counteract pro-inflammatory hormones.Remember, acne is a condition marked by inflammation - if you can stop the inflammation from occurring, you can stop acne in its tracks.

Most acne sufferers want to cure acne by overpaying for pills or creams, but the causes of acne are beyond the reach of such superficial approaches. The greatest weapon we have against acne is our body itself, armed with the healthy diet we give it.

By: Joseph Cowell

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ways to Get Rid of Back Acne Without Scarring

Acne in the back can be really disturbing, especially when you need to sit down, leaning, or sleeping. Back acne is the type of acne that will easily become persistent if you are not taking the necessary treatment for it. Getting rid of back acne is important to make your life more comfortable. If you think that acne in your back has robbed your life freedom, you might consider doing some ways to get rid of back acne.

Some people will worry that getting rid of back acne will cause horrible scarring in their back, which will prevent them to enjoy the fun at the beach. However, I will try to share about some ways to eliminate acne in the back without scarring.

These are some ways to get rid of back acne without scarring:

1. You can apply manuka honey in your acne in the back. Take a note that this is a regular treatment. You should apply the honey regularly. After taking a bath, you can apply manuka honey in your back acne gently. Make sure that you are not giving too much pressure to your acne. Leave the honey in your skin for 15 minutes then wash your back with lukewarm water.

2. Use a special soap, preferably a soap that contains sulfur. Make sure that you are using this soap when you bath. It is important because you might have a sensitive skin so regular soap might aggravate your acne.

3. Try to not give too much pressure to your back. Wearing loose clothes will let your skin to breathe freely. Make sure to always keep your clothes clean when you wear them. You should change them frequently.

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