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Acne Skin Care Products and the Ingredients That Make Them Work

Acne skin care products are formulated differently. They are designed to address various types of acne and different levels of the condition. Whether your acne is mild or moderate or severe, pharmacies and beauty product shops have something for you. When buying an acne solution, it is better to have knowledge of what's in it and understand how it works.

Acne skin care products for mild to moderate acne are usually benzoyl peroxide-based. These formulas contain a chemical that has the ability to dissolve the keratin that can clog the pores and create a home for the acne-causing bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes. Aside from relieving the skin of pore-clogging dead cells, benzoyl peroxide also has the ability to kill P. acnes to prevent pimples from forming.

Another popular remedy among pimple sufferers is alpha hydroxy acid or AHA products. AHA compounds have carboxylic acid which has the ability to prevent the skin from producing excess oil. It also clears away unwanted materials clogging the pores like dead skin cells, tissues and dirt. Some AHA solutions also contain milk and citrus fruits extracts. This compound is also found in some cosmetics.

Retinoids are not only popular anti-wrinkle formulas, they are also used to cure pimples. There are a number of brands of topical retinoids offered in the market, including tretinoin and tazarotene. These cures contain vitamin A and are formulated to maintain a normal follicle cell life cycle and prevent hyperkeratinization that can cause skin pores to get clogged. In most countries, retinoids require doctors' prescriptions since they are made of stronger stuff and unsupervised use can cause skin peeling, irritation and redness.

For women, one option for treating zits that has become quite common is hormonal therapy. Hormonal remedies are said to be effective in moderating the body's production of androgens which are believed to be a factor behind skin breakouts. The contraceptive pill Diane-35 is one of the better known brand names of this type of pimple medication.

Aside from topical creams, pills and gels, there are also dietary supplements made from herbal extracts or derivatives of vitamins A and E that are used to cure zits. Some of the most popular herbal supplements for acne are made from Chinese herbs and plant extracts. The efficacy of these so-called pimple solutions vary from one person to another. More often than not, a severe form of acne cannot be addressed by dietary supplements. However, these medications are relatively safer since they are mostly made from organic or natural ingredients.

Acne skin care products can come in the form of facial creams, facial wash, soaps, astringents and oral medications. Before deciding on what to use for your skin condition, pay a visit to a doctor or a skin specialist and seek professional advice. provides you with information on a wide range of acne related issues, such as acne skin care products and much more. Wanna find out? Go to now!

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