Saturday, 5 June 2010

Natural Cures For Acne - This Is The Answer To Acne

Majority of the people in the world is suffering from acne at some point their life. This frustrating condition has withstood attempts to formulate a cure based on medications and chemicals. There is an increasing demand for natural cures for acne in the market today. The commercial products available are often very expensive and inneffective, disappointing their customers.

A therapy for acne that's produced without a thorough understanding of the condition's root causes is likley to be as ineffective as all the other over-the-counter medications sold to treat acne's symptoms. One of the main reasons for the acne outbreaks is overactive sebum glands - the overactivity is caused by hormonal imbalances on our systems. The overactive sebum glands produce oil that accumulates under the skin when our pores are clogged. Whenever there's an excess of such oil, bacteria thrive and inflame the skin - this is the acne outbreak.

Since one root cause of acne is a hormonal imbalance, natural cures for acne must address that imbalance. Our hormone levels fluctuate naturally as we're growing, which makes teenagers more susceptible to acne because their hormones aren't yet at mature levels. There are some adults, however, who also suffer from acne. One factor that leads to hormonal imbalance in our body is due to the diet that we are having.

Our diets include a great deal of chemical ingredients, additives and preservatives that aren't natural and can't easily be absorbed by our bodies. White sugar is one of them. The more sugar we eat, the more insulin our bodies create to help cells absorb it.

Excess levels of insulin and androgen, another hormone, have been shown in scientific studies to cause overactive sebum glands. Insulin can also promote inflammation on cellular level, as there will be an increase in pro inflammatory hormones such as Progstaglandin E2.

Since the hyperactive sebum glands are the result of excessive insulin, one way to being that under control is to avoid foods with a high sugar content. Reducing the consumption of refined carbohydrates will also reduce the quantity of sugar consumed. White bread, breakfast cereal and pasta are some good examples of refined carbohydrates.

Because acne is a condition characterized by inflammation, it would also be wise to eat foods that encourage the production of anti-inflammatory hormones such as Progstaglandin E1 and E3, which counteract pro-inflammatory hormones.Remember, acne is a condition marked by inflammation - if you can stop the inflammation from occurring, you can stop acne in its tracks.

Most acne sufferers want to cure acne by overpaying for pills or creams, but the causes of acne are beyond the reach of such superficial approaches. The greatest weapon we have against acne is our body itself, armed with the healthy diet we give it.

By: Joseph Cowell

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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ways to Get Rid of Back Acne Without Scarring

Acne in the back can be really disturbing, especially when you need to sit down, leaning, or sleeping. Back acne is the type of acne that will easily become persistent if you are not taking the necessary treatment for it. Getting rid of back acne is important to make your life more comfortable. If you think that acne in your back has robbed your life freedom, you might consider doing some ways to get rid of back acne.

Some people will worry that getting rid of back acne will cause horrible scarring in their back, which will prevent them to enjoy the fun at the beach. However, I will try to share about some ways to eliminate acne in the back without scarring.

These are some ways to get rid of back acne without scarring:

1. You can apply manuka honey in your acne in the back. Take a note that this is a regular treatment. You should apply the honey regularly. After taking a bath, you can apply manuka honey in your back acne gently. Make sure that you are not giving too much pressure to your acne. Leave the honey in your skin for 15 minutes then wash your back with lukewarm water.

2. Use a special soap, preferably a soap that contains sulfur. Make sure that you are using this soap when you bath. It is important because you might have a sensitive skin so regular soap might aggravate your acne.

3. Try to not give too much pressure to your back. Wearing loose clothes will let your skin to breathe freely. Make sure to always keep your clothes clean when you wear them. You should change them frequently.

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