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Laser Acne Scar Treatment

Though there is a plethora of treatment options available for acne treatment, starting from oral medication to topical lotions and creams, but none of the treatments have been found to be effective in its removal for good. One of the reasons for this could be that there are different types of acne which require a different therapy regimen. For instance, oral antibiotics work wonderfully for inflammatory acne. These are the situations when we think of laser acne treatments.

One of the recent treatment options for acne and acne scars, laser treatment usually reduces the quantum of medication required to treat acne. While researchers have been trying to find more effective ways for treating acne and acne scars, laser treatment announced its presence some two years back and has since been used with a high degree of success.

Though laser treatments have been known for a long time now, it is only a couple of years ago did the doctors discovered its efficacy in acne treatment also. While before this laser treatments were used mainly for anti-aging purposes, doctors discovered that laser treatment was favorably received by many patients suffering from acne and acne scars.

Laser acne scar treatments are usually used in specific areas of treatment of acne and acne scars like reduction or removal of severe acne scars as well as in the treatment of active acne. This treatment modality has received wide-scale acceptance since its introduction a couple of years back. It is also used on teenagers when all other treatment options have failed while adults choose it as the treatment option with high degree of success.

Laser treatments for acne would normally reduce the quantum of bacteria invading the skin or shrink the oil producing glands. While both routes are successful in the treatment of acne, experts feel that shrinking the oil producing glands is the best approach for treating acne.

But how does the laser treatment work in treating acne? Depending on the choice of treatment approach, different sets of lasers and lights are used in the treatment. For instance, a laser emitting yellow light would be used if the doctor was trying to reduce or eliminate the bacteria which have caused the acne.

The yellow light then reacts with the prophorine, a substance found inside the acne causing bacteria to produce oxygen, which ultimately kills the bacterial. The yellow light also favors formation of collagen which prevents scarring caused by acne.

The laser treatment for acne is still in the initial stages of development and further research is ongoing on the matter. With the problem so widespread, researchers are getting duly motivated to further find the use of laser treatment for tackling acne.

As a result of the ongoing research, newer methods are being tested. Doctors are now using a potent combination of various types of laser lights and types of lasers to get the most out of the laser technology. Of course, the treatment options would largely depend on the patient's individual condition.

After years of research into the area, experts are finding that the laser acne scar treatment option is localized, secure and does not cause any systemic side effects. Thus the treatment option is gaining popularity and acceptance with every passing year.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Some tips How to get rid of dandruff

Dandruff is rather one of the most common hair problems. Although it does not require so much medical attention, it can be highly embarrassing for individual . Under some natural circumstances new cells of the scalp push the older ones to the surface. These dead cells are in reality shed in an almost invisible manner.

However just for in some cases, the pH balance of the scalp gets much disturbed and this process becomes very rapid. In those such cases, the dead cells are entirely shed in the form of flakes, and then known to us as dandruff.

� It is a misconception that dandruff only occurs in the dry scalps. It can occur therefore in both dry and oily scalps. Dandruff blocks the pores on the scalp and obstructs the whole supply of natural oil to the hair, by causing hair to become dull, lackluster and even brittle in most severe cases.

The problem of dandruff when aggravated though leads to burning and itchiness of the scalp, acne and pimples on the face and also back (areas where dandruff is most likely to get fall) and generally makes the hair look dirty and cause leading to socially awkward situations. Apply some hot olive oil or sesame oil on the scalp at bed time. Now an hour prior to the bathing rub lime juice that mixed with the cosmetic vinegar on the scalp. Wash and rinse your hairs much properly. For the last rinse just use lime juice and warm water. Follow this process for about 3 months in twice a week. This will certainly help in relieving from dandruff.

The treatment of dandruff has included much hundreds of home-made methods, starting from applying lemon juice on the scalp just before using a mixture of olive and other oils. While every method that does work with regular hair messaging, what is really important is to give as much

Home Remedies

� Hot stream bath really especially on the scalp is highly beneficial.
� Massage of warm olive or sesame oil and then wrap a real warm cloth or a towel on head for few minutes is very useful in getting rid of dandruff.
� For getting rid of dandruff thus apply peel of lime immersed in coconut milk or oil heated naturally by leaving that in sunshine for ten days.
� Apply some hot olive oil or sesame oil on the scalp at bed time. Now an hour prior to the bathing rub lime juice that mixed with the cosmetic vinegar on the scalp. Wash and rinse your hairs much properly. For the last rinse just use lime juice and warm water. Follow this process for about 3 months in twice a week. This will certainly help in relieving from dandruff.
� Massage the scalp with the almond and olive oil for five minutes, leave it for the some time and then rinse off to get the dandruff free hairs.
� Final rinsing of hairs with the cider vinegar right after applying a herbal shampoo also relieves from dandruff.

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Sunday, 22 February 2009

An Examination Of Back Acne And How To Cure It

Acne is an extremely common problem for both teens and adults and the most common perception of the condition is that it breaks out on the face. But, if you have suffered from acne you know that it can occur in other areas of the body as well like the chest and the back.

While back and chest acne is not as apparent to outside observers it can nevertheless be very annoying for those who suffer from it. Regrettably, back and chest acne is frequently more difficult to treat than facial acne and the traditional cleaners and treatments that you purchase for the treatment of facial acne will often not work as effectively when it comes to treating acne on your back. As if this were not bad enough, because your back and chest are generally covered by clothing, you might experience increased irritation as your clothes rub against your acne.

Just as you do with your facial acne you will need a daily treatment routine for acne on your back and the majority of common regimens include a cleanser followed with a moisturizer. Normally, it is of course more difficult to apply medication to your back acne because of where it is located and so you may need the help of a family member or to use a applicator.

You will have to be careful about the type of clothes you wear. Rough materials or tight-fitting shirts can rub against your skin and irritate your acne leading to increasing oil production and thus more breakouts. You must also be careful about the type of washing powder and fabric softener you use. Sometimes these can irritate your back acne and so you may need to try different brands or change to a dye and fragrance free variety.

Also, watch out if you are carrying anything on you back. For young people in school, as well as those who go backpacking and hiking, a backpack can make back acne very much worse. If you see a rise in the number of acne breakouts you may want to stop using a backpack for a time. If this causes a problem then you might find that a shoulder bag helps until your spots clear up.

A dermatologist or doctor can help you with both diagnosis and treatment of back acne and can begin by determining how bad your acne is and also assessing your skin type. For example, whther you skin is dry or oily or what is called a combination skin is important in deciding upon the best treatment. Your dermatologist or doctor will also want to hear a history of your acne condition, including such as how long you have suffered from acne and how frequently breakouts happen. With this information he can work out the best treatment and medication to deal with your specific case of acne.

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What Triggers Acne in Women and What You Can Do to Help Prevent It.

Most of the medicines which are available in the market to cure acne are just temporary solutions to the acne. These medicines do not work affectively on the main cause of acne from where this issue gets generated. This is the reason why most of the people do not believe on these medicines because when they stop taking pills the acne came back they again have to face the trouble. What people need from these medicines is the permanent relief. For this the medicines manufacturer has to do a research so that they can find one permanent solution to resolve this issue.

To find the permanent solution one must know that what the real cause of the acne is. Usually it is believed that acne occurs when a human body carries much more toxics which the kidney and bowels can together remove. Kidneys and bowels are the only two body organs which help in removing the waste from the body which is also named as toxic. When the amount of toxic exceeds and gets out of the reach of kidneys as well as of the bowels then he acne arises.

These toxics could be anything but in the most cases it is the accumulation of the stored fat chemicals which even liver can not wash out. This is one of the most common reasons but there could be many more like issue regarding the fat digestion, food allergy etc. Apart from these, food allergy and the accumulation of body produced hormones could be the other reasons. All of these factors may look different but they have a same impact on a human body and that is the acne.

This is necessary to stop the production or control the production increase of these toxics because even if once they get overloaded then they may not let the kidneys and the bowels do their work properly. When this situation arises that is if the kidneys and the bowels are not able to tackle with the toxics then the entire pressure goes to the liver and then it is very hard for the liver also to resist in such conditions.

The main and the primary function, which liver is known for, that is to metabolize and convert the extra fat in to the energy which can be used by the body when needed. This work can only be performed by the liver but in such cases even the liver gets overloaded because at this stage the liver has to perform his function as well as the work which usually kidneys do. Usually an overloaded liver can not work up to its fullest because the liver too has limitations.

This condition can arise in any human body that the kidneys, liver and the bowels are not working perfectly and also there are chances that the person affected by it is not aware at all. At this stage the entire workload gets transferred to the lungs as well as to the skin and only because of this the skin gets breakout and acne occurs.

To Your Health!

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A Simple Solution For The Complex Problem Of Acne

An all natural solution to the big problem of acne and blemishes. Natural products do more than just clear up blemishes and acne, but actually get to the root of the problem. Daily use of natural products will result in a reduction of inflammation, lesions, redness, and scaring, leaving your skin clean, and healthy.

Most natural products work by unblocking clogged pores with enzymes and micro bodies that dissolve and digest foreign matter. This leaves your skin healthy. Chemical treatments produce cellular messengers that tell your body that the problem is being taken care of and the swelling and redness will be reduced. This can leave the skin dry and without any of its natural antioxidants.
Skin blemishes and natural acne treatment

Your skin produces hydrogen peroxide as a defense against acne. The problem with this is that over time the hydrogen peroxide actually harms the skin and causes blemishes and rapid skin aging. This is comparable to extreme sun exposure. It completely depletes the skin of any antioxidants. This leaves the skin completely unprotected against foreign matter or dirt produced by normal skin function.

Unlike some chemical products that leave the skin dry, natural products help the skin to release amino-acids that actually moisturize deep skin tissue allowing for healthy skin restoration. This process also helps with the removal of scars. Some natural treatments also help signal your immune system to release the skin's own natural antimicrobial peptides, which helps your system with natural scar removal and to defend against bacteria, microbes and parasites.

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Discover how Your Elimination Channels Reduce Acne

The kidney

The purpose of the two kidneys is to filter the water in your blood as the blood passes through the kidneys. About 4 gallons of water are filtered every day but only around 3 pints are pulled out as urine.

Alcohol and sugar are the most damaging to the kidney since they kill kidney cells and weaken the kidney function.

Water is the major way the body keeps toxins from accumulating in the body and skin. You need to drink plenty of clean water daily so the kidneys can remove toxins and excess nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the blood.

When you drink plenty of water, the skin does not have to act as a filter to filter out excess waste from the blood since it is been filter and excreted, as urine, by your kidney.

Water also is needed to keep your skin moist. Water in the skin layers helps to protect the skin from bacteria and toxins that try to pass into your skin.

The more fresh juices you drink and the more fruit or vegetables you eat, the less water you need to drink. All juices contain plenty of distilled water, which contributes to your daily water requirement.

Drinking sodas and other drinks that have sugar cannot be counted as water.

The Lungs

You have two large sacs that are called your lungs. As you breathe in air, the lungs pull oxygen out of the air, which is captured by your blood, routed to your liver, moved into your heart and then moved into all parts of your body.

As you breathe out, waste and carbon dioxide are pushed out through your mouth.

Your cells use oxygen to create energy for you to live by. You need energy for every movement your body does. Oxygen is also used to neutralize toxins, waste and pathogen. The more toxins, acid waste and pathogens you have in your body, the more oxygen is used up to neutralize them. This means you will have less oxygen for cell, organ and other body functions.

If the other elimination channels are weak and overloaded, the lungs will also become overloaded trying to get rid of toxic waste the other channels cannot get rid of.

When your lungs become overloaded with toxins or become weak, more waste stays in the body, making your body more toxic, acidic and susceptible to disease and infections. If you have kidney weakness, liver weakness, lung weakness mostly likely you will have skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, acne, and many other types of skin disorders.

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is part of your immune system. It consists of a series of tubes, large and small, that cover your entire body. Through these tubes flows whitish liquid called lymph. Since this system does not have a pump, the lymph is pushed through the tubes by your body's movement or exercise.

Lymph liquid surrounds all of your body cells and is responsible for bringing nutrients to your cells from the blood and to move away toxins that come out of the cells.

Toxins and pathogens that are in your lymph liquid are moved into lymph nodes. In the lymph nodes, this toxic matter is neutralized into harmless chemicals and then moved into the blood and are eliminated through the other channels of elimination.

The lymph liquid is composed of electrolyte minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium phosphorus, and chloride. So strong lymph liquid is built when you eat fruits and vegetables.

When the lymph nodes become overwhelmed with toxic waste from the cells and the blood, they become inflamed and cannot keep the body free of toxic matter.

Excess toxic waste accumulates in the lymph liquid when your body does not have enough electrolyte minerals to neutralize this toxic acid waste. Now, your body is a considered acid and will have a difficult time fighting infections wherever they occur, including your face.

When you lymph system becomes weaken, it is unable to detoxify toxins and routes them into the blood where the liver is expected to clean the blood.

Keeping you lymph system strong is important for keeping your skin free of blemishes, skin disorders, eczema and acne.

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Vitamin B And Acne

More often than not you are bombarded with aisles and shelves of generic external acne treatments ranging from face wash, toners and creams. Most contain the active ingredient benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Rarely do you see any internal acne treatments (except through prescription drugs and antibiotics) or any other natural acne alternatives for external use. But it turns out that natural ingredients works just as well (if not better) than these synthetic chemicals from a test tube.

A 1995 study made by the State University of New York created a head by head comparison of topical B vitamin nicotinamide versus the prescription antibiotic clindaymycin. Results from this study shows that they had "comparable efficacy" on getting rid of acne with numbers slightly better for the B vitamin!

Too bad topical antibiotics are recommended by dermatologists while B vitamin nicotinamide is almost never mentioned to you. It is a pity considering that this natural acne alternative is probably better for your skin with no side effects.

But what about taking Vitamin B internally? In a 1975 study by the Archives of Dermatology found that by adding Vitamin B nicotinamide added to standard acne treatment produce solid clear skin results.

Another study done by the University of Pittsburgh found that 88 percent of acne patients in the two month study rated their overall improvement as either moderate or much better after taking a nutritional combination containing B vitamin nicotinamide. The benefits were especially dramatic for getting rid of inflammatory acne lesions.

Although three studies have found Vitamin B effective for fighting acne, nobody knows for sure why B vitamins works so well but a large open study (from The Nicomide Improvement in Clinical Outcomes Study reported in the 2006 journal Cutis) found that nicotinamide has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and works from the inside out.
In your diet, you can find nicotinamide in high protein foods. This includes meats, fish, brewer's yeast, milk, eggs, legumes, potatoes and peanuts.

As an added benefit besides clear skin nicotinamide may help lower cholesterol levels, stabilize your blood sugar, support genetic processes in your cells and help your body process fats. But to receive more consistent results you should take a supplement that contains more of this incredible anti acne nutrient.

Everybody is different so the clear skin results may vary from one person to the next. But don't expect to take one Vitamin B supplement and expect your acne will suddenly disappear. Instead take a more holistic approach by keeping your diet clean and healthy, control your stress levels, and give yourself extra protection by taking a vitamin supplement with more anti-acne nutrients in them. This by itself will almost always control acne.

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Natural Acne Treatment- Free Important Roadmap For Acne Control

As you search for natural acne treatment related information or other information about acne scar or dermatologist acne treatment, take your time to view the below article. It will provide you with a really refreshing insight into the natural acne treatment information that you need. After going through it, you will also be better informed about information in some way related to natural acne treatment, such as causes of cystic acne or even new acne treatments.

Acne skin care products choice: hypoderm 4-Way Daily Acne Cleanser is a product that works for all skin types. Acne skin care products that clean, tone and fight acne is good because they will help with clogged pores and reduces acne outbreaks.

If you really want to get rid of your acne and achieve a long-term acne free skin. You have to correct the very root problem that is causing acne. You need an internal acne treatment and not the external acne treatments you see today.

An ointment containing Benzoyl peroxide can be applied to the skin for some forms of acne. It kills the bacteria that can form pimples. Products containing Benzoyl peroxide are considered the best over the counter acne product available today.

Many people forget that they can get more information about any subject matter, be it natural acne treatment information or any other on any of the major search engines like If you need more information about natural acne treatment, head on to and be more informed.

Acne is a skin disease, which is created by the clogged pores on the skin. It is a major problem for millions of teenagers, both male and female. It makes a person depressed and so proper treatment is necessary.

Infant acne can begin in newborns to the first month of age and last up to about six months. The acne is usually temporary and treatment is not needed. Even so, infant acne is possible to come and go during the first few months of life. The acne is most likely to affect the cheeks and forehead. The most common type of acne is papules - which is small, round and raised bumps and pustules (whiteheads) - which are small collections of Pus. It is male infants that are often affected by acne than female.

Therefore, why does fatty food cause acne? The simple answer is that they mess up your hormonal balance, down to a cellular level. Mess up your hormones too much, and chronic acne occurs, and it becomes almost impossible to cure acne without dealing with this hormonal factor.

We discovered that many people who were also searching for information related to natural acne treatment also searched online for related information such as back acne home remedy, laser therapy for acne, and even nodular acne.

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Acne Care Treatment: Drink More Water To Dissolve Your Acne Away

During the recent holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, I indulged my sweet tooth with candy and ice cream, as well as drinking more alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and milk tea. My skin quickly showed its displeasure of this indulgence, as my pimples started popping up. Fortunately, I had a simple natural acne remedy - once I started drinking more plain (or mineral) water again, my pimples started clearing up.

Nowadays, many doctors will (officially) tell you that any liquid will do, even coffee and beer. They will tell you that you can get enough water through your daily diet. But the way my body reacts to the different liquids I drink tells me otherwise. I find that there is major difference between getting enough water to live, and getting enough water for good health (and clear, acne-free skin).

This simple elementary school science experiment on saturation shows the difference between drinking plain water and Coca-Cola. Just take one glass of plain water, then add one teaspoon of sugar. Stir the water, and the sugar will dissolve. Add a second teaspoon of sugar, and it will still dissolve. Add a third, and you will begin to notice that the sugar doesn't dissolve so easily. After a certain point, maybe five or six teaspoons of sugar, the water becomes saturated and no more sugar will dissolve.

As you can see, plain water is stronger than soft drinks or coffee at dissolving things. This effect is important for your digestion, in your blood and in your kidneys. Firstly, your body absorbs plain water more readily than coffee or Coca-cola. That means you get more effect from eight glasses of water compared to eight cans of Coke.

Second, the more water available to your body (to be made into blood), the more easily your blood can transport oxygen and fuel to your cells. Additionally, it is also easier for your blood to transport the carbon dioxide and waste products away from your cells.

Third, drinking more water makes it easier for your kidneys to filter away the waste products from your cells and from digestion. Obviously, the less waste products floating around in your body, the more healthy you will be. This will clearly reflect itself in healthy, glowing acne-free skin.

Don't get the wrong impression - drinking eight glasses of water a day is not a cure-all. It will not cure you of acne. But it is a completely free method of natural acne skin care that can help you a great deal. Proper acne care treatment still requires a complete system - the correct diet for you, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and hygiene.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

3 Best Home Remedies For Acne - Here is What You Must Do in Order to Get Rid of Acne Real Fast

Acne is caused by many things like wrong eating habits, hygiene, make up, stress, lack of sleep, bowel habits, excessive toxins in the body, the blood system and other such factors. If one can control of these few factors then the acne can be kept at bay...

Fresh Greens and Fluids-

Fluids are essential for the system to flush out the toxins. Water and fruit juices should be part of one's daily intake of fluids. Fresh fruit and vegetables help keep the system light and purify the blood. Avoid processed foods as far as possible. Sufficient fresh greens should accompany a non vegetarian meal. Oils, fats, and other rich foods like nuts and dry fruits should be kept at a bare minimum. Sweets like candy, chocolates, cakes and pastries should be strictly avoided.

Exercise and fresh air-

Fresh air always adds to a healthy and glowing skin. Breathing fresh and clean air adds to the oxygen intake. It helps cleanse the blood system. Exercising in the fresh air is recommended on a regular basis for the body to remain fit and healthy. Rigorous exercise helps the body throw out the toxins through the pores of the skin. Care should be taken, however, to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Apply a sun block before stepping outdoors.

Skin Care and Applications-

Always keep face fresh and clean and avoid make up. You can find numerous home remedies in your kitchen. Tomato paste or mint juice extract can be applied for an hour. Overnight paste applications can be made from fresh fenugreek leaves or a mix of honey with cinnamon powder. They should be washed the next morning. Orange peel is good for the skin. A mix of equal proportions of groundnut oil and lime juice is one of the other popular home remedies. A mix of gram flour in un-boiled milk is a proven face wash for acne.

Today Aloe Vera has become very popular as a natural medication. It is used in various toiletries and cosmetics and can also be used in its natural unprocessed form too.

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Scalp Acne - How To Treat Scalp Acne

Scalp acne treatment is a little different from other acne treatments. This is not only because the location of the pimples in among hair makes the use of most creams and lotions difficult, but also because these pimples are usually a different form of acne to that found on the face.

Often known as scalp folliculitis, pimples on the scalp are caused by inflammation of the hair follicles. Another technical name for it is acne necrotica miliaris. The problem is often worst around the hairline, especially on the forehead but sometimes also behind the ears and at the back of the neck.
This type of acne itches worse than most other kinds so it is hard to leave it alone. Scratching and squeezing at the pimples usually makes them worse and prevents healing. Unless your hair is very short the marks are often hidden, so the problem is not as visible as facial acne, but it can be very annoying all the same.

The cause of scalp folliculitis is not known for sure, but it is believed that the follicles become inflamed as a reaction to micro-organisms that get into them. These micro-organisms can be bacteria, mites, or yeast-type fungal organisms similar to those that cause dandruff.

Where yeast is the cause, anti dandruff shampoos can be helpful. In other cases, there are some topical creams that can be applied directly to the pimples. If the problem is severe you may be prescribed antibiotics or other oral acne medications.

The most severe form of scalp folliculitis is a rare condition that mainly affects dark-skinned adult men, though there are a very small number of women and white-skinned people who suffer from it. In this case large cysts or nodules form in the scalp along with smaller pimples. They often contain pus. There will be hair loss in the area forming bald patches which can be permanent. If you think that you may have this type of scalp condition you should see a dermatologist.

More commonly, if you have oily hair along with pimples that are not concentrated at the hairline but appear around the crown and over the scalp generally, then you may have seborrheic dermatitis. This is caused by excessive sebum being released into the hair follicle by the sebaceous glands, which are found on the scalp, face and chest.

With seborrheic dermatitis you are likely to have oily skin and acne-like pimples on your face plus possibly on your chest too. There are some effective treatments available, including shampoos that can help to control the oiliness of the hair as well as the scalp pimples. See a dermatologist to confirm whether seborrheic dermatitis is the correct diagnosis and find the best scalp acne treatment for you.

By: Bill Nad

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How to Get Rid of Acne Almost Overnight - 3 Mind Blowing Tricks You Should Not Miss at All

If you have a date or even worse, are preparing yourself for prom night then acne would be a word dotted with apprehension, depression and tension. But, do not worry, since these 3 tricks will help you get rid of acne almost overnight.

Trick No.1 - Open up those pores. The first trick is to understand that opening up those pores will hasten the healing process and calm your inflamed skin. Remove make up, clean your oily skin with a cleanser with a good toner and wash your face with a mild ph neutral soap. Your cleanser and toner should have anti-bacterial properties to kill any bacteria that might be trying to spread the infection.

Trick No.2 - Flush out the toxins from inside. Drink extra glasses of water and if possible, carrot juice to detoxify your body and flush out stubborn toxins from inside your body. This will reduce the size of existing inflammations and prevent new acne from popping up on your skin.

Trick No.3 - If you must pop, pop it right the first time. If you must pop that boil, then at least pop it right so that it does not erupt again in anger. Use a hot, wet cloth or cotton ball to open up the pore after cleaning it thoroughly with a good cleanser. Start pressing the sides of the boil and let the pus escape from the center. If you have to use a pin to pop it, then at least sterilize it by holding it over a naked flame for around 15 seconds and cleaning it with alcohol. Regularly scoop up the debris with a cotton ball until it is deflated and empty. Clean the pimple using an antibiotic cream and get a good night's sleep.

These 3 tricks will ensure that your acne vanishes almost overnight and a regular regimen of a good diet, pore cleaning and thorough cleaning will deter any date-destroying acne in the future.

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