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Natural Acne Treatment Recipes

We're all aware that acne doesn't give you a pleasant appearance, and though there are plenty of acne removal products out there, it seems as if none of them truly work and deliver long term results. This is why I will be educating you on how to get rid of your acne naturally and how to prevent more acne from breaking out in the future.

The main thing you'll need to keep in mind while trying to get rid of your acne is to never apply harsh acne removal products on your skin, as they could actually worsen your acne and make your skin even more oily. You may be surprised that doing less to your skin could actually do wonders.

Here are some quick and easy natural acne treatment recipes for you to try in place of harsh chemical skin treatments.

Natural Acne Treatment Recipes

Nutmeg and Milk

First, grind 1 or 2 nutmegs and add milk to the nutmeg to form a paste. Once the nutmeg and milk has a very smooth consistency, you can then apply it on your face or other area where you might have acne. Keep the mixture on your face for about 20-25 minutes, then wash your face with lukewarm water. After you rinse your face, you will then notice how soft and clear your face appears and feels; however, just make sure that you are washing your face gently without harsh scrubbing.


Cut open a regular sized tomato, and then make sure that you hold the part that has a stem so that it'll be easier for you to apply it on your face. Gently rub the tomato all over your skin and keep the tomato on our face for about 5-10 minutes. Tomato contains a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals that can really treat and even decease acne. Make sure that you also use lukewarm water when you wash the tomato off because using overly cold or overly hot water can really be harsh to the skin.


Crack open a regular sized egg and then make sure that you separate the egg whites and the egg yolk. Afterwards, beat the egg whites gently and apply the egg whites to your face. Keep this egg-white mask on until it hardens. Once your mask dries, after about 15 minutes, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

You can also use this same procedure with the yolk of the egg, and rinsing it off after it has dried.

Egg whites have the capability to minimize the size of your pores while egg yolk acts as a natural moisturizer.

How To Prevent More Acne From Appearing.

The best and easiest way to prevent acne from reappearing is by drinking lots of water. Water helps remove impurities and toxins from the body. Often we drink sodas and coffee at the expense of pure water, and when we make the switch, we will notice quite an improvement in our skin.

So, if you really want to get rid of your acne, then you should tryout one of the natural remedies above.

If you want to get rid of your acne forever, then make sure that you drink lots of water, sleep deeply, and also eat healthy, minimizing carbs of little or no nutritional value as well as excess sugar. Lack of sleep adds to stress, which is known to cause breakouts, and diet plays a key role in providing the nutrients our skin needs to heal and repair itself.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tea Tree Oil The Best Acne Treatment Ingredient?

Research into the effectiveness of tea tree oil has proved it can help cure acne breakouts. Many of the popular over the counter acne treatments now include tea tree oil in their ingredients for this very reason.

So what is tea tree oil and where is it from?

The tea tree oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves grown typically in New South Wales, Australia and is also known as melaleuca oil. The beneficial medicinal properties of tea tree oil have been known for awhile and only recently discovered to have acne preventing properties too. It has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it perfect for treating acne.

Using pure tea tree oil is not a good idea because it can be toxic so it is always diluted, usually a 5% solution is present in acne treatments. Although it is possible to buy tea tree oil directly it is advisable to use a good quality acne treatment that contains the ingredient.

When applied to the skin it re-adjusts the natural ph level and gets to work on any bacteria in the pores, which is generally the cause of acne breakouts. The great benefit with this ingredient is that unlike another popular acne ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, tea tree oil doesn't dry out your skin. It is often believed that oily skin is the cause of acne so if you have dry skin you can prevent acne. Unfortunately you tend to cause even further production of oil and can often end up with further problems.

The good quality acne treatments include tea tree oil in their ingredients because it is so effective. It has found to be a more permanent cure for acne breakouts without any associated side effects experienced from other acne preventing ingredients. Now it is probably the most potent, natural and safe ingredient for preventing and curing acne.

Friday, 5 August 2011

A Holistic Acne Cure Is The Best Acne Treatment

A holistic acne cure is the silver bullet many people find when they go out looking for the best acne treatment. The holistic approach can end years of acne breakouts and help you regain clear, well-toned skin.

What you see on your skin - pimples, blackheads, cysts, and so on - haven't developed by themselves. They are symptoms of an underlying condition caused by one or, more likely, a combination of triggers. Five common triggers are:

1.Stress due to, for example, a lack of sleep
2.An imbalance of hormones as happens to adolescents or women during pregnancy
3.Toxins in the body that build up to high levels
4.Poor internal hygiene
5.Lifestyle issues such as an unhealthy diet

Your genetic makeup determines how your body reacts to these triggers and the interactions between them. For example, your sebaceous glands may have a genetic tendency to produce excess oil whenever your body has a hormonal imbalance. In acne sufferers, that excess oil clogs up pores in the skin; an infection develops, and this leads to the appearance of pimples, blackheads, and so on.

Obviously, your 'internal acne environment' is a very complicated place. The best acne treatment for you is the one that neutralises your acne triggers. This is where most sufferers go wrong; they use so-called 'cures' that target the symptoms but ignore the underlying causes of their condition. For example, you could buy a chemical to remove excess oil from your skin, but a better approach would be to stop your sebaceous glands producing so much oil in the first place.

It is impossible to identify all your acne triggers and work out how they interact with each other. This makes finding the best acne treatment for you very difficult because most treatments target only one factor. If you want a smooth, well-toned skin then you might like to consider the advantages offered by holistic acne remedies. They:

1.establish and maintain a natural balance that will cure your condition permanently
2.are easily customised so that you can develop a strategy to match your body's unique requirements. After all, no two people are the same.
3.don't resort to drugs or external medications quickly, within days or weeks
5.are simple and follow a logical, well organised format
6.are realistic, and easy to incorporate in your current lifestyle
7.provide ongoing counselling and support from competent health professionals

A holistic acne approach is regarded by many as the best acne treatment available because it meets these criteria. It attacks the underlying causes of acne without resorting to drugs or special creams. It'll work on all parts of your body, notably on places such as the face, back, and neck where acne can be especially severe. And, perhaps best of all, it is effective against all types of acne, not just pimples, but also things like cysts and blackheads.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Home Treatments for Acne to Help You Get Back Your Flawless Skin

acne is caused by so many things such as having too sensitive skin, oily skin, raging hormones, and too much stress. This condition is characterized by the appearance of inflamed pustules that may sting and hurt and the blemishes may leave unwanted dark spots and scars on the skin too. Good thing there are lots of home treatments for acne that have been practiced for many years which are sure to help you get back your flawless skin.

Do some research online and you are sure to find a long list of home treatments for acne and most of them, you can easily find in your home. For instance, you can use simple toothpaste to dry out the pimple just over night. You can also dab crushed garlic on the infected area to reduce the swelling and get rid of the bacteria which causes the infection. But sometimes, the simplest remedies are what you need if you really want to get rid of acne.

Practice good hygiene

One of the simplest and yet most effective home remedies is to practice good hygiene. By simply cleaning your face especially during the night helps get rid of all the oil and dirt that clogs the pores. But be careful not to use ordinary soap on the face as it makes the skin dry and it may cause flaking. It will be best to just wash it with cold water without scrubbing to wash away all the dirt and prevent further infection. Ice the skin after washing to minimize the size of the pores and to reduce the swelling of the papules.

Chang your diet

Sometimes, acne can be caused by eating the wrong diet. So, experts recommend eating a well balanced meal as one of the many home treatments for acne that you can easily practice. Be sure to quit eating junk food as well as those that are greasy and oily. Stick with vegetables like squash and carrots as well as the leafy greens as they contain lots of vitamins A, D, and E which are good for the skin.

Modify your lifestyle

Acne can also be caused by lifestyle. If you have too much stress in your life, pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads will definitely start to form. But you can avoid all these if you can stop every once and a while and relax. Rest is probable the best home treatments for acne you need to remember. Keeping your body well balanced, rested, and healthy allows your skin to relax as well and avoid the formation of acne.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tips on Making and Using Homemade Cleansing Milk for Acne - Cure Your Acne At Home Now!

Although, the reason for the occurrence of
acne is still a subject of further research, the condition of the surface of the skin dramatically plays a major role in developing acne. At some places, the pores in the skin cave in to block the oil from escaping that give rise to inflammation to cause pimples. This discovery has led to the establishment of a billion dollar industry manufacturing different kinds of skin cleansers and lotions to cure acne. These products are meant to break up the white-head pimples to drain out the pus. However, the healing skin turns into black head acne at those spots. Such skin cleansers are also used as a preventive measure to clear any blockage in the pores to discourage the formation of pimples. However, most of such cleansers available in the market contain one or the other chemical to deep-cleanse the pores. No doubt, they do their work effectively for some time to prevent or cure acne, but their extended use damages the skin by drying it up of the essential oils resulting in losing its freshness and shine. For your acne cure at home, homemade cleansing milk for acne can give wonderful results without any of the bad effects on your skin. It is not difficult to make such kind of cleansing milk for acne at home, but you will need to prepare the cleansing milk for your acne cure at home every week because it loses its effectiveness after a few days as it does not contain any chemical or preservative.

You need only a few things easily available at every grocery store to make the cleanser. The first and the foremost ingredient is the plain organic yogurt that you can get from a food or grocery store and it is better because it is processed under a set period of time to maintain live culture. Alternatively, you can make the yogurt at home with the precaution that the organic milk you use should be tepid warm before you put a few drops of curd into it. If it is too hot, the yogurt will be ropy and without any live culture. The tepid warm milk will not turn into yogurt until you put it in some warm place overnight or put it in a container duly covered with a lid under a blanket. Take ½ cup of this yogurt and beat it to make a fine paste. Then add one teaspoon of lemon juice, 3-4 drops of essential oil and one teaspoon of vitamin E oil. This will be excellent homemade cleansing milk for acne for your acne cure cure at home.

You should soak a ball of cotton into this cleanser and then apply it on the face, neck and other affected parts of the skin. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Take a clean and soft towel to dry up the skin. The application of this homemade cleansing milk for acne will be perfect for your acne cure at home.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

5 Natural Back Acne Treatments That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Its not every day that you come across any natural back acne treatments that will do an amazing job, but I would like to share with you 5 treatments that have been passed on to me over, and I'd like to give them to you now.

The first is actually a natural mask that people generally put on their face, but will also work for your back acne just as great. There are so many different natural masks to choose from and people are coming up with new ones every day, but I've had the most success with the "oatmeal mask". Its easy to make, and leaves your skin feeling soft, clean and smooth. This mask is really good for preventing future breakouts, and helping reduce the red marks that are left behind by acne.

You can make your own oatmeal mask by mixing one third a cup of oatmeal with two third a cup of water (depending on how much of your skin you are going to cover, you might need more), and heat as though you were going to eat it, then let it cool. You want the mix to be something you can easily spread over your skin without too much difficulty. Let the oatmeal mix set for 10 minutes on the skin, then clean off.

The second is green tea. This drink is one of the best for cleansing out the body as it has anti-oxidants in it and will help you clear up faster and stop future pimples from producing. Not to mention that this drink taste good.

Stay clear from green teas that have a lot of caffeine or sugar as this would be counterproductive. If you would like to add some taste to the drink, you can add cinnamon, honey, and a number of other natural flavor items to spice up this drink a bit. Drink a glass of green tea every morning and evening, more if you'd like for faster results.

Witch Hazel is the third treatment, and is a good natural substitute for many over the counter products that doesn't harm you skin with any of the harmful chemicals that other products have in them. Its ability to clear the skin of any dead skin and excess natural oils make this a vital weapon in your arsenal.

When your taking a shower, you can use your hand or a soft scrubber, to spread the witch hazel over the skin that has acne. Let this sit for a few minutes so it can do its work and really clear away the skin, then rinse off.

The fourth is the use of a moisturizer. When I first was trying to get rid of my back acne, I didn't take into account how much I was stripping away my skin in my effort to be clear. Even if you are not using harmful chemicals on your skin, you probably aren't getting enough vitamins inside your body to help develop healthy skin cells. And without doing this, how could you hope to have a clear back?

Find a simple oil free moisturizer that has vitamin E in it. If your lacking the funds, try Vaseline. It doesn't have all the good extra stuff in it, but it will help your skin stay healthy and firm until you can find something better. Put the Vaseline on and leave for 10 minutes, then rinse off.

The fifth, and most important step, is exercise. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to exercise and acne, and I'd like to put that to rest here so you can get on with it and finally clear that back of acne.

When you sweat, you clean out your system of a lot of the free radicals and toxins that are just floating around in your blood stream causing you harm (and causing your breakouts). When you sweat, your body carries those toxins through your pores and out of your body, cleaning your pores in the process.

I like to go running about four times a week and really get a good sweat in. That might not appeal to you, and I don't blame you, but if that's the case, then I recommend you find something that you do like to do. Take up biking or a sport with friends that you can work hard, sweat and enjoy.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Detoxing For Acne - The True Method

When all else fails... many acne sufferers move on to detoxification programs. Chemical substances and lotions aren't affecting the main causes of acne, which are inside the body. This process of detoxing aims to cleanse the intestinal tract of parasites. This could be done for two or even seven days.

The Intestinal Tract

Following a detox program is actually going to stabilize your kidneys and liver. Once harmful chemicals development in the liver and kidney, they often alert you by producing acne.

A low metabolism also contributes to toxin build-up, because the toxins stay within the body longer than necessary. The methods of detoxing involve consuming "cleansing foods", and drinking water. This is similar to fasting, but you will be eating something nutritional.

The Detox Diet

To purge your body of acne-aggravating toxins, you'll need a strict diet to follow. This diet for starters could be fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, whole seeds and nuts, herbs and beans. These foods are great for internal cleansing, because they hold lots of vitamins, minerals, and as well as fibre, which will help you develop healthy bowel movements. Snacking on these foods throughout the day will improve your metabolism, and you'll also lose excess weight in the process. You'll most probably feel hungry from eating those foods, but you must keep in mind that those foods were not part of your regular diet, so your body needs some time to adjust. If you want to eat more, choose one food and stick with that during the day. Try not to eat different foods at once even though they are healthy... this will give that particular food enough time to "Do its thing".

And besides eating, drinking at least 2 litres of water a day will flush out parasites in the blood stream. Neglecting to do so, and especially during a detox program is very dangerous. Our bodies can't survive without water for even a week! You maybe don't drink its pure form, but surprisingly enough... it is used in soft drinks, coffee, and tea. But unfortunately, those beverages don't possess the nutritional qualities such as water in its purest form. Water loses its "cleansing powers" once it's mixed with sugars, carbon water, etc... so drinking water in its raw form will help flush out the toxins stored in your body.

Foods that shouldn't be eaten during a detox

There are specific foods you must not eat during a detoxification program because obviously they'll hinder the process. Meat and dairy are foods high in fat, and should not be eaten on a regular basis, even besides detoxing. Smoking and coffee drinking is also a big no no when it comes to overall health. Red meat and dairy relaxes your metabolism, which is why you should not consume those foods often. You need a fast metabolism that flushes out the toxins quickly and effortlessly. After time, your body's system will become stronger.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Scarring From Acne: The Cure Dilemma

Scarring from acne is a far worse problem than curing acne itself. scars in general take a very long time to heal and in some cases, do not go away at all. This can be very frustrating specially when dealing with scars on your face.

In order to cure scarring from acne, it will be very helpful to identify the various types of scarring that may result when the acne is healed.

Ice Pick scars. This is a common type of acne scarring, which is characterized by deep pits that are usually less than 2mm across. It extends into the skin, making the skin surface look as if it had been punctured by an ice pick.

Boxcar. This angular type of scarring from acne has vertical edges, and looks like scars left from chicken pox. This type of scar can be shallow or deep and is more commonly found on the temples and cheeks.

Rolling scars. Caused by damage under the surface of the skin, this scar tends to be wide and shallow and gives the skin a wave-like appearance.

Hyperthropic scars. This scarring from acne is commonly found on the back and chest (can also appear on the face and neck). It is raised and lumpy in appearance and is often a result of severe acne lesions like cysts or nodules.

How To Treat Early acne scars

Post-inflammatory changes from acne breakouts are part of the skin's healing process. There are certain practices and medications that can help facilitate a faster and effective healing process.

The right dosage of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that contain the correct concentrations and at the appropriate pH level also help's the skin's healing process. Applied with a gauze or cotton ball then neutralized or washed off, this light chemical peel will exfoliate the skin, thus removing the surface layer. Medium and deep chemical peels are also available for severe cases.

Laser resurfacing can also be done to remove skin so new skin can form in its place. This is a relatively new method and results may vary. Few sessions are required in order to achieve the results that you want.

Skin needling/rolling is done with the help of a 30-gauge needle, tattoo gun with no pigment, or needle-studded roller. It is used to puncture the skin at a controlled depth, which induce trauma that heals with collagen remodeling.

Dermabrasion uses a high-speed diamond or wire wheel or brush to remove skin surface, thus providing removal of superficial scars and also help reduce deeper scars. Often done 6-8 weeks after surgical scar removal procedure to smooth out the skin surface.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cystic Acne Treatments and Solutions

Acne is a common condition that many people struggle with during their teen years and sometimes into adulthood. While acne can appear to be difficult to treat, there are many acne solutions and treatments that you can use to gain control over your acne and get the clear skin that you desire.

While one of the main causes of acne is having acne-causing bacteria on the skin, stress and hormonal changes can also have an impact on your skin and result in the formation of acne. The best way to prevent new acne from forming and treat existing breakouts is to lessen the amount of bacteria on the skin. Following a daily schedule of using the right acne products for your skin type is the best way to kill acne-causing bacteria and help keep your skin clear.

Proper treatment of acne starts with washing your face twice a day, usually in the morning and before going to bed. It's best to use cleansers aimed for people who have acne-prone skin, since these products will contain ingredients designed for the treatment and prevention of acne. The two most common ingredients found in many different cleansers are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are known for their ability to reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria found on the skin and will also aid in the exfoliation of your skin, which will help to keep your pores clear.

Keeping your pores clean and clear is important when finding a solution to your acne, since clogged pores will almost certainly result in the formation of new acne. When seeking acne solutions, it is best to apply either a gel containing salicylic acid or a benzoyl peroxide cream immediately after cleansing and drying your face. The application of these products will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deep into your pores and treat existing acne while also preventing new acne from developing on your skin.

Since everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to certain ingredients, you will have to try a product containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and see how well it treats your acne. Regardless of which active ingredient you choose, you should continue the application of the product for at least two weeks to see how effectively it treats your acne. If your acne is not lessened after two weeks of using a particular ingredient, you can then try products containing another active ingredient.

It is best to seek the advice of a dermatologist if your acne is not improved after using over the counter acne treatments. They will be able to offer advice on the treatment of your acne while also recommending products that will work for your skin type.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

4 Effective Home Remedies For Acne

Having pimples or acne is one of the more common skin conditions affecting individuals on a daily basis. Sometimes, it may have even caused inconvenience. For this reason, there is a variety of effective home remedies for acne which you can easily find in the Internet using Google. While teenagers are the ones more commonly affected by this skin condition, it also affects virtually anyone of any age.

To a layman, it is typically a pimple but in sever occasion such as the times when I was a teenager, I have to consult a dermatologist. Various antibiotics are prescribed and the treatment does not come cheap. It is in fact expensive and this is why home treatments are become more and more popular.

The reason why home treatments for acne are becoming more popular is because it is effective and inexpensive. Generally it suits teenagers who have low budget. This form of treatments includes the use of holistic ingredients most people already have in their home. Now, let's discuss the different kind of home treatments you can easily use.

1. Drink plenty of water

Acne begins on the inside of the body. It does not begin on the surface of the skin. You have to drink plenty of water. The minimum number should be eight glasses per day so as to help detoxify your body and cure acne.

2. Toothpaste

The peroxide in the toothpaste dries and removes the pimple. Simply apply a small amount after you have cleansed your face. If the pimple is open, do not use this method.

3. Fruit and vegetables

This method is highly recommended. There are many natural recipes, which you can find from the Internet, and this will reduce acne scars.

4. Dietary Changes

In some cases, the food you consume can contribute to the condition, such as eating foods containing large amounts of oil. Make an effort to eliminate oily and junk foods, such as chocolate, and consume healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

It is very important to keep your face clean at all times. It is not advisable to use fragrant soap. If you are using, please stop and change to a non-fragrant soap instead. A number of unscented products can be easily found at your local drug store.

Next, it is not recommended to use scrub products because they are meant to remove dead skin cells, not pimples. These products will only irritate your blemishes. I know most ladies always use skin care products. My advice is using too many of these products at any one time only worse your skin condition and will even cause irritation. Make sure you use the right product right for your skin; using the wrong one can cause more irritation.

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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Help For Acne - What Can Chromium, Vitamin C And E, And Zinc Do?

Although acne is really a complex disease, and that any form of help for acne should address the intertwined issues of nutrition deficiency and toxicity in the blood, there is very little doubt that supplementing with vitamins can help heal your acne naturally and, more importantly, permanently.

It's already known that Vitamin A and B-2 (Riboflavin) are the so-called major vitamins in the fight against acne. Together, they convert the fatty acids in the blood into healthy sebum.

However, did you know that there are other vitamins involved in curing acne? Read on to find out what they are:

Vitamin C

Your body needs Vitamin C for 300 of its metabolic processes, including repairing tissues and growing new ones. It is also important for fighting infection. In case you didn't know it yet, acne breaks out when bacteria attacks the skin. To prevent further infection, you must strengthen your immune system with Vitamin C to fight off acne-causing bacteria.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that prevents damage to your body's cells. It does so by inhibiting the oxidation of lipids (fats) and the formation of free radicals.


If you are getting acne infections all the time, there's a good chance you're deficient in Chromium. This vitamin is very important for reducing skin infection. Chromium is not easily absorbed by the body, and bingeing on sugar-rich foods makes the body lose this nutrient. Talk with your doctor about taking chromium picolinate or chromium polynicotinate supplements as part of your acne treatment program.


Aside from promoting healing and preventing scarring, Zinc regulates oil glands so that they secrete healthy skin oil.

Now that you know which vitamins are needed to permanently cure acne, you might be asking, how much should you take everyday? The simple answer is this: since each person's needs are different, you should be talking to your doctor about dosage. If you are taking any prescription medicine, make sure to talk to your doctor about it so you don't suffer the effects of medicine/supplements interaction.

Also, buy only vitamins that are proven to be easily absorbed by the body. These include chelated, sublingual, liquid, and organic vitamins.

But really, from a natural healing standpoint, what you really need to do is make sure you're eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables everyday to nourish your body. Why? In terms of absorbability, vitamin supplements will never be able to beat natural food sources.

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Remove Acne Scars - Here Are 6 Ways to Remove Acne Scars

Acne and acne scars had always been a cause for embarrassment for most people especially teenagers. When an individual hits puberty age their hormones starts to change. This is the start where one experiences major transformation in their body. If a person has a hormonal imbalance, one of its effects is the outbreak of acne. There are some people who get a few pimples on their body while others will experience having pimples all over their face.

Keep in mind that most acne will only occur when you are a teenager but as you grow older, the chances of you getting acne should be none. If you are 23 years old and above you shouldn't be experiencing any acne problems. However, if you are still experiencing such dilemma, then seek help to any dermatologists in your area. They will give you tips on how to prevent acne, what food you should avoid, and what medicines you should take. Do not take any actions without consulting a dermatologist or you might be facing more than just acne.

One major problem that acne leaves are acne scars. Many individuals who have experience major acne outbreaks find themselves looking for ways to remove acne scars. There are actually many ways on how to remove them. You can research about them in the internet or ask your dermatologist. Choose which of these ways that will best fit you. You could either spend loads of money or use a minimal amount only.

Here are some tips on ways you could use to get rid of acne scars:

  1. Chemical peel - with this procedure acid solutions are painted on your face. It removes the outermost layer of the skin (which contains your acne scars) to reveal a new and unaffected skin.
  2. Laser treatments - according to some dermatologist this treatment could really improve your skin. However, there are risks involve such as irritations, redness, and swelling.
  3. Exoderm peel - proven effective for removing wrinkles and is used best for Asian patients in treating acne scars.
  4. Isolagen for scars - the success rate of this procedure is quite high since it does not use any chemical products. Instead it uses your own body skin cells to make the healing of acne scars faster.
  5. Dermapanning - this procedure is only suitable for individuals who have deep acne scars. A handheld instrument, dermatone, is used for this procedure. It looks like a razor blade and works by moving back and forth to evenly skim the surface of the skins that are deformed. In effect, your skin will look smoother and healthier.
  6. Other less expensive products such as vitamin E and Calamine lotion - these are actually products that helps remove acne scars. They don't cost much plus they have been proven effective also. You just have to be diligent enough to apply this solution during mornings and evenings. Just apply these products evenly on your skin.
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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

4 Simple Acne Scar Remedies - How To Remove Your Acne Scars Naturally?

Every one of us desires of having a clean and a vibrant skin. However, if you are suffering from painful attack of acne, then you need to learn about various ways through which you can remove acne naturally. All of us want to look good. Scars look bad not only on face but any other body part for that matter. This article will give you a brief insight on acne cure.

Getting Rid Of Acne Scars In 4 Simple Steps

1) Firstly, you need to hydrate yourself regularly. Water is a natural cleanser for your body and it removes all the toxins from your body. It not only affects your facial skin, but your entire body in fact. If your skin is appropriately hydrated then shedding of excess skin cells or dead skin is much faster. Also, drinking water helps in faster regeneration of skin.

2) You should also apply Aloe Vera to your skin if you are suffering from acne. It is among the oldest and trusted means of dealing with acne scars. Since it is a natural ingredient, thus it is considered as a much safer and gentler for use on skin. Aloe Vera is known to have healing properties and it soothes inflammation thereby avoiding scarring on skin.

3) Thirdly, the diet that you are on should consist of a good and rich mix of vegetables and fruits. These foods contain the essential minerals and vitamin that are required actually for the purpose of skin repair. The use of tomato should be encouraged. It is an antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin A, which makes it an excellent tool for aiding the skin repair. You can treat the acne scare by application of tomato on your skin. You just slice it and apply it all over your face. Do this regularly and all your scars will be gone.

Also try to drink citrus juices. They are highly effective in acne scar elimination. Nonetheless, the most potent among the juices is lemon juice. You can drink lots and lots of it and also apply it directly on your facial skin.

4) Lastly, the use of essential oil should be promoted to deal with the acne. Rosehip seed oil and olive oil are among the most used acne removal oils. You should massage these oils in the affected area so as to assist the moisturizing of skin and thereby lessening the visibility of scares. With regular use, the fading of scares will become apparent. Rosehips seed oil is highly popular as it has got many functions for the skincare. It lessens wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, balances skin color and is an anti-aging ingredient. It helps in fading the scars away and smooths your complexion to a great extent.

What is dangerous about the scars is that some of them might never be removed from your skin unless there are dealt with before they worsen. Thus, you should be armed. Since now you have the information with you, try to follow the steps given above.

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Top 7 Natural Cystic Acne Cures

Do you want to cure your cystic acne naturally? In this article, you will find the top 7 natural cystic acne cures that you can use in your home. Most of the treatments below are easy to implement, so you can start it immediately.

Here are 7 natural cystic acne cures that you can use today:

1) Aloe Vera

Use the gel of aloe vera on the affected areas after washing your face with fresh water. Leave the gel for at least 10 minutes and rinse your face with fresh water. Apply this treatment three times a day.

2) Almond Oil

Apply almond oil as a mask in the night. Leave it in your face for at least 15 minutes before you rinse your face with fresh water. Apply this oil in circular motion gently. Apply this treatment regularly every night.

3) Manuka Honey

Dab the raw honey or manuka honey to your affected areas, especially in the areas of inflammation and swelling. You can dab the honey anytime you feel appropriate. It is suggested to use this treatment three times a day.

4) Neem Leaves

Crush some neem leaves in the small bowl until the leaves become paste. Then, apply the paste of neem to your face for 30 minutes. After using the paste for a while, rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry. Do this treatment once a day.

5) Rosewater

Just wash your face with water that contains rosewater. Apply this treatment regularly as you feel appropriate, especially when you feel irritation in your face. For better result, use rosewater twice a day.

6) Garlic

Crush one clove of garlic in a bowl. Then, dab the extract of garlic to your face and wait for approximately 5 minutes before you rinse your face with fresh water. You will feel a burning sensation when you apply this treatment, and this is normal. Use this treatment every night for maximum result.

7) Oatmeal Mask

Make a paste from crushed oats and apply the paste as acne mask for 30 minutes. Apply this treatment regularly in the morning before you take a bath.

Those are the easy and practical cystic acne cures that you can apply regularly. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of those treatments. Although they are simple, they are really effective to ease the symptoms of your severe cystic acne. Many people will disregard all of the natural cystic acne cures above and keep searching for the "best" treatment for them. I hope you won't be with them.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Quickly

It is an important query to find a way that can help to remove severe acne, pimples and cystic acne. People suffering from acne will be able to find some natural remedies through this article to clear away their skin from acne that does not include any creams and chemicals.

Selection of diet

Sometimes food may be a cause of acne. Any type of food that may cause hormonal imbalance are main and serious stimulator for the spread of acne. Acne and other skin problems are the result of excess intake of such food items e.g. vegetable oil can aggravate this problem seriously. It can even cause cholesterol and heart disease in future because it contains some harmful non friendly fats.

It is very important to see the ingredients of the processed food like chips, biscuits, chocolates etc because these all contain these oils and simply avoiding it in cooking at home can not serve the purpose. An acne patient has to be very careful to select low fat food as well as healthy one.

Selection of supplements to clear acne

Omega 6 is the fat kind that is found in vegetable oils and make it unhealthy thus can be a cause of acne. Since our diet mostly contains these fats, it becomes a problem. These fats can be less problematic when taken in reasonable amounts along with Omega 3 fats. Omega 3 supplements have to be taken as an important solution to solve this problem. This is a very healthy type of fat that not only reduces cholesterol but are generally very healthy and anti inflammatory.

As we have discussed, a reasonable amount of healthy fats and avoiding unhealthy ones play an important role to get rid of acne, one shall follow these suggestions to see the difference and get clearer skin.

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Foods That Cause Acne - Top 5 Food Items To Avoid To Prevent Acne Breakouts

Acne is very common especially among young people and one of the best ways to prevent acne pimples and breakouts is to avoid foods that cause acne. It is important to note that food does not cause acne directly but there are certain food items that are known to aggravate acne causing conditions. So if you have acne prone skin, you must take note of these food items and avoid their consumption as far as possible to prevent your breakouts.

1) Dairy Products - Dairy products such as ice cream, butter, processed cheese top the list of foods that cause acne. Dairy products contain high fat plus they are derived from milk from pregnant cows which is rich in hormones. These hormones enhance sebum production which gets trapped in skin pores leading to acne. So you must avoid high fat dairy products to prevent acne pimples and breakouts.

2) Fats - Foods rich in trans fats are not only bad for health but they are amongst worst foods that cause acne. The trans fats present in food items can alter insulin levels in your blood thereby leading to increase in hormonal activity. This in turn leads to increase in sebum production and acne breakouts. Avoid food items rich in trans fats such as donuts, cakes, cookies, frozen and packaged food, fries, fast food etc. to prevent breakouts in the future.

3) Processed foods - Processed items are big culprits as far as foods that cause acne are concerned. Not only do they contain high amounts of preservatives, additives, flavors, colors but also sugars and carbohydrates which are bad for acne prone skin. Moreover processed foods are difficult to digest which leads to increase in toxins and allergic reactions thereby leading to increase in acne breakouts.

4) Caffeine - Caffeine is bad for acne prone skin since it elevates the stress levels and disturbs the sleep patterns. Both these conditions are known to worsen the acne problem. So you must avoid high caffeine food items such as chocolate, coffee, energy drinks, sodas and tea to prevent pimples and breakouts.

5) Alcohol - Alcohol is another food item that can lead to increase in acne pimples and breakouts. Alcohol enhances hormonal activity plus it can lead to increase in stress levels and disturbance in sleep patterns which are big contributors to acne. So avoid drinking binges to prevent future acne breakouts.

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars Using Laser Technology

Scars left behind by acne can be a major facial blemish that can cause many an awkward moment. If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of acne scars, then you should know that these days, there are all kinds of procedures that experts can perform to remove the scars.

Way back, the main procedure used when it comes to getting rid of these ugly marks is called dermabrasion which is a method of scraping off the damaged top layer of the skin by way of sanding. This ancient method on how to get rid of acne scars is painful so local anesthesia is needed before the procedure is done. Even afterwards, the skin remains raw and painful and the patient still needs to wait a few months for new, unmarked skin to grow back.

Thankfully, modern procedures on how to get rid of acne scars that are being used today do not involve that much pain. There are chemicals now that are being used by experts to remove these unwanted marks and these chemicals cause the skin to blister and then simply peel off. Aside from these chemical peelers, other techniques being used now involve punch replacement grafting and soft tissue filling.

Laser techniques are also used in procedures on how to get rid of acne scars and experts can complete the operation without drawing blood and causing any pain. No wonder a lot of people prefer to go for this procedure though it is costlier than other methods.

Laser procedures on how to get rid of acne scars involve surgeons utilizing a laser hand piece burn off the scarred skin cells. This object is so precise that it enables the surgeon to work only on the affected tissues. He can also judge the depth of which the laser penetrates so that the whole affected area is burned off which will be replaced by new skin.

There are two kinds of laser being used in procedures on how to get rid of acne scars:

1. The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser which can vaporize damaged skin layer by layer with its high-energy and highly focused light. Methods on how to get rid of acne scars using this type of laser have very few side effects.

2. The erbium laser which has a very precise wavelength that when used to penetrate the skin, moisture on the skin absorbs its energy making the heat from the laser scatter without affecting normal skin.

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

How To Cure Adult Acne - Tips To Clear Acne For Adult Suffers

You might find it very difficult to cure adult acne as often trips to the doctor is involved and this can get expensive as they will more than likely refer you to a dermatologist. You might have issues financially and can't actually afford to make these expensive trips. Not to mention that the creams or other medication that you will most likely be prescribed for the acne treatment will be very costly which will defiantly make you think twice before making a purchase. You might also be aware and also be concerned that treatment that they prescribe usually includes harsh chemicals that can actually damage your skin.

It is fine to have concerns like this as you are not alone, with the difficult times we are facing these days budget is on everyone's mind. However you should know that you can cure adult acne without spending a lot of money. You can get that clear skin that you deserve without even using chemicals on your skin. The ingredients are all natural and will not do damage to your skin.

Oatmeal that you eat for breakfast, combined with milk can be used as an exfoliant mask. Oatmeal is full of vitamins that are healthy for you skin and when you apply it direct it will help your skin become clear from acne. It can also get rid of oils along with dried skin. Make sure that the oatmeal is not cooked, mix it with the milk and gently apply to the affected areas on the skin. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it away.

Wash your face with a soap or cleanser that is dermatologist recommended. Use a clean cloth and put some milk on it, apply it on your face. Let the milk dry on your face - this takes approx. 20 minutes. You will notice that the milk will get hard and you will more than likely feel a stretch sensation on your skin. This is actually moisturizing your skin and removing oil and dirt once you rinse your face. Make sure you rinse with warm water. Do this step twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once again before bed time.

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

5 Powerful Tips To Get Rid Of Acne! Here's How To Get Rid Of Acne As Fast As Possible!

Having acne all over your face isn't something nice. It can be terrible for you and for your life. I can totally understand the way you feel. You can choose to ignore your acne and live your life. However, the acne present will haunt you even more and will cause more trouble to your life than you can think of. It's not okay to live with acne. You need to get rid of it.

Here are the powerful tips to get rid of acne as fast as possible...

Steam your face in hot water - Steaming your face in hot water is important to kill off all the bacteria present in your face. Wash your face once in fresh water before doing the steam wash. Steam your face and remove your pimples using a sterilized needle. Make sure that you attack the root of the pimples and pluck it out completely. Steaming your face daily will ensure for a few weeks will help you cure your acne forever.

Applying fenugreek mask - Applying a fenugreek mask on your face is another sure shot remedy to cure your acne real fast. Take fenugreek leaves and crush them into a paste with water. And apply the paste all over your face at night just before you go to bed. Leave it for the night. By the next morning, some of your acne will have vanished.

Orange peel trick - Orange is found to be extremely good for the skin. It has wonderful healing properties. This trick involves powdering orange peels and mixing it with water and applying the mixture on all the affected areas of your skin. Do it every night for a week. Most of your acne will have gone forever.

Stop eating junk foods - If it's extremely important for you to have a clear face that is free of acne, stop eating junk foods at once. These foods cause various imbalances in your body which in turn lead to future acne breakouts. No matter what you do, your acne won't vanish if you keep eating junk foods. Stop them and replace it with fruits and vegetables.

Drink lots of water - Your skin needs to be supplied with a sufficient amount of water regularly when you are suffering from acne. If you don't supply your body with enough water, your body won't be able to handle the different kinds of toxins that are causing acne. The acne is a symptom of a deeper problem lying inside your body. And the problem is certain toxins. Drinking water will help you wash away the toxins and will make your skin glow.

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