Sunday, 13 March 2011

Remove Acne Scars - Here Are 6 Ways to Remove Acne Scars

Acne and acne scars had always been a cause for embarrassment for most people especially teenagers. When an individual hits puberty age their hormones starts to change. This is the start where one experiences major transformation in their body. If a person has a hormonal imbalance, one of its effects is the outbreak of acne. There are some people who get a few pimples on their body while others will experience having pimples all over their face.

Keep in mind that most acne will only occur when you are a teenager but as you grow older, the chances of you getting acne should be none. If you are 23 years old and above you shouldn't be experiencing any acne problems. However, if you are still experiencing such dilemma, then seek help to any dermatologists in your area. They will give you tips on how to prevent acne, what food you should avoid, and what medicines you should take. Do not take any actions without consulting a dermatologist or you might be facing more than just acne.

One major problem that acne leaves are acne scars. Many individuals who have experience major acne outbreaks find themselves looking for ways to remove acne scars. There are actually many ways on how to remove them. You can research about them in the internet or ask your dermatologist. Choose which of these ways that will best fit you. You could either spend loads of money or use a minimal amount only.

Here are some tips on ways you could use to get rid of acne scars:

  1. Chemical peel - with this procedure acid solutions are painted on your face. It removes the outermost layer of the skin (which contains your acne scars) to reveal a new and unaffected skin.
  2. Laser treatments - according to some dermatologist this treatment could really improve your skin. However, there are risks involve such as irritations, redness, and swelling.
  3. Exoderm peel - proven effective for removing wrinkles and is used best for Asian patients in treating acne scars.
  4. Isolagen for scars - the success rate of this procedure is quite high since it does not use any chemical products. Instead it uses your own body skin cells to make the healing of acne scars faster.
  5. Dermapanning - this procedure is only suitable for individuals who have deep acne scars. A handheld instrument, dermatone, is used for this procedure. It looks like a razor blade and works by moving back and forth to evenly skim the surface of the skins that are deformed. In effect, your skin will look smoother and healthier.
  6. Other less expensive products such as vitamin E and Calamine lotion - these are actually products that helps remove acne scars. They don't cost much plus they have been proven effective also. You just have to be diligent enough to apply this solution during mornings and evenings. Just apply these products evenly on your skin.
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