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Best Acne Counter Over Scar Treatment

There are various different types of acne treatment available over the counter. There are two base choices when purchasing over the counter items.

The first choice include the types that contain benzoyl peroxide and salycic acid, both chemical type treatments.

The second choice is to go after the natural treatments. These b>natural treatments for acne usually include things such Vitamin E, aloe vera, and tea tree oil.

But which choice is the best.

It's challenging to determine actually, a lot of people like the natural type treatment, while other think the chemical treatments work best. You may have to try a few different types of products to find what you like, some might work for you while others won't work at all.

You really need to talk with your doctor to make the right choice. There are many prescription only treatments that only your doctor or dermatologist can prescribe. They also usually work much better than the ones you get over the counter for acne.

There are a few things to keep in your thoughts when you shop around if you are forthright in trying some over the counter methods.

You have to find out what your skin can be like. Think of how you might tell someone how your skin is. This assists you in choosing just the right type of b>over the counter acne treatment that will work the best for the certain type of skin you have.

Always speak with you pharmacist! Don't be one of those who is trapped by a clever advertisement ploy or pretty box. The pharmacist usually knows which products work best for the certain skin types and will advise you.

Or they at the very least will know which product is selling the best. They might even take the time to find a treatment just for you.

Some products can actually worsen your condition, so be careful.

If you end up reacting badly to a certain treatment, you need to remember which ones you have used before. Keeping a list of the treatments allows you to know what worked before and which ones you need to avoid.

To sum it up, over the counter acne treatments can be effective. You just have to spend the time to find which one works for you. However you may still want to visit your doctor or dermatologist if over the counter acne treatments are not working for you.

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