Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tea Tree Oil The Best Acne Treatment Ingredient?

Research into the effectiveness of tea tree oil has proved it can help cure acne breakouts. Many of the popular over the counter acne treatments now include tea tree oil in their ingredients for this very reason.

So what is tea tree oil and where is it from?

The tea tree oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves grown typically in New South Wales, Australia and is also known as melaleuca oil. The beneficial medicinal properties of tea tree oil have been known for awhile and only recently discovered to have acne preventing properties too. It has natural anti-bacterial properties that make it perfect for treating acne.

Using pure tea tree oil is not a good idea because it can be toxic so it is always diluted, usually a 5% solution is present in acne treatments. Although it is possible to buy tea tree oil directly it is advisable to use a good quality acne treatment that contains the ingredient.

When applied to the skin it re-adjusts the natural ph level and gets to work on any bacteria in the pores, which is generally the cause of acne breakouts. The great benefit with this ingredient is that unlike another popular acne ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide, tea tree oil doesn't dry out your skin. It is often believed that oily skin is the cause of acne so if you have dry skin you can prevent acne. Unfortunately you tend to cause even further production of oil and can often end up with further problems.

The good quality acne treatments include tea tree oil in their ingredients because it is so effective. It has found to be a more permanent cure for acne breakouts without any associated side effects experienced from other acne preventing ingredients. Now it is probably the most potent, natural and safe ingredient for preventing and curing acne.