Monday, 20 August 2012

4 Options of Acne Scar Treatment to Choose From - How to Make Your Skin Clear

Are you looking for a reliable method of acne scar treatment because your facial skin is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons? If you have battled with acne for a long time then it's very likely that your face is left with lots of scars. You'll need to get the best possible treatment because you won't be able to cover up the scars with the help of make-up.

1. Chemical peels - It is possible to use chemicals to remove the damaged layers of the
skin; the new skin that grows in its place will be smooth and clear. This is quite an inexpensive method of removing acne scars for good. However, the cheapest (and therefore the mildest) options only work if you don't have a whole lot of scars. There is a very strong option available which is also quite expensive. Make sure that your doctor clears you to take this treatment because it can be quite dangerous for your health if you have certain pre-existing conditions.

2. Laser
treatment - This is a relatively painless option that involves the use of lasers to repair damaged parts of the skin. The lasers heat the skin in order to stimulate regrowth of new skin. Certain types of acne scar treatment using lasers are more expensive than others, and this is mostly because of the reduced discomfort and recovery period. You'll need to get local anesthesia before most treatments, which makes the procedure relatively painless. Your skin will take quite a while to recover from the treatment but it will eventually look smooth and clear.

3. Plastic surgery - A plastic surgeon can offer you a variety of
treatments by cutting away the scars. A skilled doctor dealing with large patches of acne scars might even remove the damaged skin and graft the skin from another part of the body onto this area. Recovery times and discomfort vary from person to person.

4. Injections - Many
skin doctors offer acne scar treatment using steroidal injections. These injections tend to have negative side effects associated with the use of steroids. However, since this is a relatively inexpensive option, many people do not hesitate to opt for it.

You'll need to choose the
acne scar treatment to go for only after studying all the alternatives. It is also a very good idea to take special steps to ensure that you don't suffer from any more acne.